Treats with ricotta and red fruits – Treats and crêpes

I think dried red fruits, could be dried cranberry or dried raspberry or dried currants.


Treats with ricotta and red fruits – Treats and crêpes


18 of Our Best Stromboli Recipes | Taste of Home

So my new luncheonette will be called Meg’s, short for Megara’s, which was a very important Greek Goddess and also is a region of Greece from antiquity when the place, just south of Macedonia to the north, had that name. And this will be hoping to be as close to a fast food franchise as possible.

Now the things, as I was saying before, in general of the list of it, are — these:

panzerotti, calzeones, filo dough triangles (types), filo cheese bakes (types), periogi’s, pasties, stromboli, sausage rolls, stuffings & salads, stuffed burgers, baked pastas (stuffed and unstuffed), polentas, tortillas, burritos, cubanos, pho (soup and sandwiches), muffalata, panini, pasta salads, mayo salads; sides include bread and potatoes and rices and base noodles; and I would also like to feature some polish and greek and mediterranean (egyptian and moroccan) stuffed dishes, but I don’t know them too well — in the same general type

Yes and this is all true. I am working on this now. I hope that soon, MEG’S will be a big success. And for the entertainment vehicle and the Kid’s Club, I will hire actors in dress costume of the Greeks and other mythological neighboring earth-related Pagan Gods, to recite and chant … (I am laughing pretty hard or at least somewhat, all alone at my desk. I told my Facebook page today I had to avoid them because I haven’t been feeling well, but that I would be over here. And this is true. But, this is a story for my Facebook page and not for my blog, since, no, there is no Megara’s … (or Meg’s).)

Pepperoni Pizza Loaf Stromboli

18 of Our Best Stromboli Recipes | Taste of Home

Know Your Italian Sandwiches: Calzone vs. Stromboli « Mama Gina’s Pizzeria

Well I could imagine this separates some people by a difference of opinion, what is calzone and what is stromboli; but, you’d have to admit, they are very similar, containing either or of either or materials; so the consensus is the shaping of the dough around the filling and weather sauce is added inside the dough with the filling or outside the dough with the filling.

For some reason, I just see a sea of calzone/stromboli when I think of Italian stuffed bread. The only real differences, are if we are frying the dough or not. (But that’s seriously just a personal impression; I wouldn’t believe it.)


Know Your Italian Sandwiches: Calzone vs. Stromboli « Mama Gina’s Pizzeria

Stromboli vs. Calzone @

What’s the Difference Between a Calzone and Stromboli? @

Calzone Recipe | King Arthur Flour

Tomato sauce and cheese calzone can be good for a quick snack or an appetizer alongside of a good salad or in place of maybe regular bread, however, I prefer the expanded definition of calzone, which includes all of one (or sometimes two, depending on the durability of your dough), cheese, sauce, meat and vegetables.

With this recipe from King Arthur Flour, you have your own calzone manufacture hut at home!


Calzone Recipe | King Arthur Flour

Search Results – stuffed bread | MyRecipes – Recipes, Dinner Ideas and Menus

I was searching for some other stuffed dishes of a kind — that’s my own secret — for my luncheonette idea — and I found a list of interesting stuffings and also some other stuffed vegetables and burgers. So, I thought not to waste were at least 12 or more usable stuffing recipes for year round and at least another 12 or more good recipes for year-round like this one and made this general post.

But when you get to the link page, you will see a list of recipes. To get to this, you have to click “load more” at the bottom of the page. It really only reloads once before repeating, so it’s not that many. Great stuffing ideas!

(Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers)

Search Results – stuffed bread | MyRecipes – Recipes, Dinner Ideas and Menus

Ricetta Panzerotti ripieni con mortadella e provola | Dolcidee

Everyone tells me they have never heard of panzerotti made with mortadella and provolone — that is the only way I have ever heard of them; calzones are calzones whatever the size; and furthermore, you can make panzerotti (with mortadella and provolone) fried, the same huge size that you make calzones, except that the shape should be large triangular (and you have to mendicate over the boiling oil fry process not to burn them).


Ricetta Panzerotti ripieni con mortadella e provola | Dolcidee

Herbs and Feta Cheese Filo Triangles

Melt in your mouth delicious!

So a good luncheon diner up north might have pasties and calzones and muffalata (not sure how to spell it, sorry) and panzerotti (the mortadella and provolone kind) and cubanos and phos and panini. (Yes, I like it.)

So this would also be very excellent on that menu. Entirely new luncheon concept for panini anyway. Or old, whatever.

Tasty Eats

Herbs and Feta Cheese Fillo Triangles Tasty Eats Ronit PensoMany people find working with Filo dough to be complicated, but in fact, it is very easy once you get the grip of it.
The great thing about this thin, paper-like dough, is that it allows you to control the type and amount of fat you want to use, and it can be formed into many different shapes; from the traditional triangles, as shown here, to squares, layers, cups and more. The variety of fillings is also endless, from savory to sweet.

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General Tso’s Chicken


While I do like making recipes from scratch and using ingredients individually to make something beautiful, sometimes you need to cheat and make your life easier. This recipe is quick and perfect for those busy days. General Tso’s sauce is avaliable in all supermarkets and is a fantastic sauce to cook chicken and veggies in. It has a great sweet and sour flavour and is an amalgamation of soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger and a host of other ingredients. Traditionally, General Tso’s chicken is deep fried. My version is pan fried with no batter or flour,so it’s generally healthier. I, also add some cayenne and red chili flakes for some heat because why not?

General Tso’s chicken

Chicken thighs-2
Pablano peppers-1
Minced garlic – 1tbsp
Red wine vinegar – 1tsp
General Tso’s sauce-2tbsps
Red chili flakes-1tbsp
Cayenne pepper-1tsp
Five spice powder-1tsp

1)In a…

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Jaffa cake… Cake

That Cooking Thing

For those of you who have been following me for some time, you may remember a blog post from a little over a year ago in which I discussed the controversies surrounding the pronunciation of the word scone – and the additional arguments about the order in which the cream and jam should be applied. The thing about the scone debate is that, even though it still rages to this day, it has never made it into the court (as far as I am aware- please correct me if I am wrong). The same cannot be said for the Jaffa cake.

Jaffa cakes are a British snack created in 1927 by McVitie’s (originally McVitie and Price). They consist of a small cake layer and a thin circle of orange jam, topped with a layer of chocolate. Many supermarkets in the UK sell own brand Jaffa cakes as McVitie’s never trademarked…

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Jalapeños en Escabeche – Preserving the Harvest

This recipe and the one following after on this day’s page, are necessary for the third recipe in this list today. (So I posted all three.)

My Slice of Mexico

Escabeche is a pickling technique that was brought from Spain to its many colonies; the main difference from quick pickling in a hot vinegary liquid, is the addition of a pre-cooking step for at least some of the ingredients, usually in oil, which elevates the complexity of flavours in both the main ingredients and the aromatics.  Spanish recipes usually involve meat, especially fish; Mexican cooks’ conceit of their creativity drew them not only to adopt these recipes, but to extend their use to New World ingredients, most notably in this brilliant example with jalapeño peppers and any vegetables available from a bumper crop (either from one’s backyard or the market).

Escabeche Style Pickled Jalapeños –

Jalapeños en Escabeche

Printable recipe: Escabeche Style Pickled Jalapeños

Ingredients (approx. yield: 6 cups)

1 lb (454 g) jalapeño peppers
1 white onion
4 cloves garlic
2 carrots
½ head cauliflower (or other vegetables available:…

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Blushed Pipian – Pipian Rosado

Ancho Peppers being Poblano Chilis; (I looked it up to be sure).

My Slice of Mexico

(Click here to go to printable recipe: Blushed Pipián, pictured above)

The delicious pipián I enjoyed at “Azul Condesa” restaurant (pictured below) inspired me to nurture my inner chef and dabble into the realm of pipianes:

010 Pipian de ajonjoli estilo Hidalgo

(Please check my previous post for the whole story.)  To attempt to recreate this dish at home, my starting points were:

1) “EL Pascal Huasteco” – the name of the dish on the menu.
2) The Mexican state of Hidalgo – listed as the place where the dish originated.
3) Ricardo Muñoz Zurita – the restaurant’s chef, who is an advocate for the diffusion of authentic, sometimes less-known, Mexican food, including pipianes.  His pipián blanco (white pipián) was also listed on the menu.

This is what I found and concluded:

1) “El Pascal Huasteco”, the name of the dish – While reading Fray Bernardino de Sahagun’s reference to pipián (pipiana) in his original…

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Torta Cubana – A Mexican Sandwich

My Slice of Mexico

(Click here to go to printable recipe: Torta Cubana, pictured above.)

In one of my earliest posts, I mentioned that when I was in middle school in Mexico City, a friend introduced me to “Tortas Don Polo”, a restaurant specializing in Mexican sandwiches (tortas) and smoothies (licuados). Established in 1958 by Leopoldo (Polo) Sánchez Preciado, it became very popular, especially for its delicious “tortas cubanas”(Cuban tortas.) In yet another of my early posts, I wrote about the three urban legends regarding the naming of this sandwich:  “We know tortas are Mexican sandwiches, and it is generally accepted that the cubanas in particular, were invented in Mexico City sometime in the 1950s (note: the Cuban sandwich is a different preparation, popular in Miami); how they were named is a different matter.  The three most popular stories are: 1) That the creator had a small torta stand on

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Recipe of the Week – Chicken Continental

Simply Cornish

Crockpot chickenThis is one of my favoite recipes for Sunday dinner.  I can put this in the crock pot before church and dinner is ready when we get home.  Our friend, Julene Dixon, invited us for Sunday dinner and served this.  Just had to have the recipe so here it is.  Thanks Julene for the yummy meal,  this great recipe, and your appreciated hospitality!

Chicken Continental

1 can Dried beef
3 chicken breasts, cut into 3 pieces
5 pieces of bacon, each cut in half
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 8 oz. carton (1 cup) of sour cream

Line the bottom and sides of the crock pot with dried beef. Wrap chicken
with bacon and secure with toothpicks. Lay on the bottom of the crock pot.
Mix soup and sour cream and pour over chicken. Cook on high for 3-4 hours.

Have a Yummy Day,


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Mom Cornish’s Chocolate Dessert

Simply Cornish


This has to be my all time favorite recipe from Mom Cornish.  When I was a high schooler dating her son, I would so enjoy chatting with her while she cooked…such wonderful memories.  This is a great make-ahead dessert to keep in the freezer.  You just might want to double this recipe!

  1. Mix 1/4 c. plus 1 tbs. butter with 2 c. crushed vanilla wafers.  (I use Mi-Del Arrowroot Animal Cookies as they are gluten free…available at Fry’s.)
  2. Cream  1/2 c. butter, 1 1/4 c. confectioners’ sugar, 1 1/2 squares unswseetened chocolate, melted, 2 beaten egg yolks (or equivalent in egg beaters), 1/2 c. chopped walnuts.
  3.  Fold in  2 egg whites (or equivalent in pasteurized egg whites), beaten stiff, but not dry and 1/2 container of cool whip.

Line 8″ square ungreased pan with crumbs reserving about 1/4 c. for topping.  Layer the chocolate mixture on top of crumbs, then dress with…

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Bonnie’s Crock Pot BBQ Burgers

Simply Cornish

crockpot-bbq-burgersBonnie’s Crock Pot BBQ Burgers

1 c. catsup
1/2 c. vinegar
1/2 c.  Water
2 tbs. Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. salt
1/2 medium onion, minced
2 tbs. brown sugar
4-6 frozen burgers

Saute onion in oil till just transparent, add rest of ingredients and simmer until well combined.  Brown frozen burgers and place in crock pot.
Cover with sauce and cook on low for 4-5 hours.

Have a saucy day,

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