Monastaries in Minnesota

If this has to be a FB post replication site, then I have to have it work the same. So this is rather an inappropriate post for a blog I think, but I’m also being a stuffed shirt about it, so please forgive me while I lay out my comfortable throw furniture and things and get comfy in my own sloppy den here like I have over on my FB page. (Yes I saw the #facebookisdown on twitter.)

So let me post what I would have on FB.

Even in theology you have to have 3 languages under your belt and two of them ancient in order to go on. This is just. I am just. There is just…. There are no words to follow after just. How sad for me.

Anyway, this is right outside of St. Cloud. When I fell into Milwaukee, I was determined to do two things (I’m SURE I told this story before) — to return back to ballet lessons at the company school (during the open hours — I’m worse than a beginner) on National Ave. and to (three things) reclaim my back balcony symphony seat at the Marcus (moved from Orchestra Hall (CSO)) and to apply for a theological seminary course to find out if I made a mistake in not going to ministry earlier on in life. (They have them online, yes.) And none of that worked out for me. It was kind of embarrassing. But a lot of other things did and they weren’t embarrassing. I think, if I’m not mistaken, this place takes women. Neat! Who speak 3 foreign languages, two ancient.