Our Best Blackberry Recipes – MyRecipes

I can’t tell anyone how much I like blackberries, because I don’t know anyone at all who likes blackberries as much as I do. I like all small berries, really, but everyone, EVERYONE, I know, loves, strawberries and blueberries and though I like blueberries, I am not that big on strawberries (I am always shorting my lists of that substance I know that I do that, it is on purpose and this is because I prefer other berries and no one likes those recipes).

But oops! I just told my story; oh well, I do that from time to time. This is one of those times.


Our Best Blackberry Recipes – MyRecipes


Instant Pot Indian Recipes – MyRecipes

This is a Meredith Company Magazine, of course. It just belongs to a magazine clearinghouse named Meredith and is set up in business to be another food magazine you can look to for several kinds of foodie ideas: that’s it, no more to it. The Editors run and direct its course and compilation. I like this place because in a world of celebrity everything, it is not featuring celebrities all the time. I mean, I also enjoy the work of endorsed celebrity chefs, chefs who have become celebrities, but it’s nice to know that there are professionals in the world who don’t all see that celebrity is the way to be.


Instant Pot Indian Recipes – MyRecipes

Easy Healthy Salad Recipes for Dinner | MyRecipes

No one could have any idea, how wonderful it would seem to me, that first of all, I was so humble to be a chef with a website like this one to merely call it that and secondly, to be a chef, period: in this world, regardless of whatever might happen in dreamlands and whatever other places we believe we’ve ever been to, besides our own stuck-in-it reality. In my reality, I’m not at all a chef, which is kind of sad, I would hope I would say, considering that, I have a pretty good handle on menus, at least sometimes and an excellent appreciate of culinary experiences of all kinds… for the most part. So yes, I could compliment myself on that.

But I appreciate the gestae that it could be my own website. If it was, I assure you, all of my life’s story would be different and I would presently be features on someplace on the internet with a cooking web show, having lived most of my life for the love of writing, hiking, ancient texts and histories, legends and also … what never happens here to be mentioned? Cooking. So I would so love to say, but no, I just couldn’t.

Thanks! This is from My Recipes! YAS!!!!!


Easy Healthy Salad Recipes for Dinner | MyRecipes

Radish omelette: the recipe of the second easy dish

(It’s a radish and shallot omelet. I think the radishes are just the garnish on the side of the plate. (Radishes in Italian sometimes just refer to rooty, stemy or leafy stalk veggies; word being “radici”, which means roots, but also refers to root vegetables that are greenish, like shallots. But in this case, also radishes, because they are also in the ingredients. So I’m not sure how google translate took it all.)


Radish omelette: the recipe of the second easy dish

Stuffed potatoes with béchamel: the easy side dish recipe

These are a little different they are made with “soft cheese” and bechamel, diced pancetta, red onion and the insides of the boiled potatoes mashed. Then they are baked of course and I am not sure what they are suggesting for the soft cheese, so I am guessing something like scamorza, soft fresh  mozzarella or else stracchino, but possibly also cream cheese or maybe even feta; maybe they are leaving it up to everyone. And the bechamel has to be prepared separate they don’t give the recipe.

(Also couldn’t get a picture.)

Stuffed potatoes with béchamel: the easy side dish recipe

Bechamel recipe (generic):

Epicurious Simple Bechamel Sauce

(I think this is the bechamel recipe I am suggesting for wherever they say it in the Italian recipe reblogs.)

How to cook the small beans in the small bird: the recipe of the vegetable side dish

I’m so sorry about the title of this. There are no small birds involved and no bird sauce. It is garlic tomato sage sauce with shallots, olive oil, salt and pepper and green beans of course.

I never change the titles of the Italian google translated posts, because I am afraid of not sending them to final link correctly or misleading someone else when the see the translation themselves. So sorry about this. And uccelletto, which is the “little bird,” is a sweet slang term I guess. Italians always are speaking in slang tongues about nature and natural things, for everything. Like a sweet little bit of mud “fango” — I have actually heard in reference not to liquor but to dark chocolate or also espresso coffee. Is that dumb or what? “Give me some mud!” I forget because I don’t think of them, but there are others. This one, I haven’t heard.

But the recipe looked rather nice and I am featuring mostly vegetables today so far as I know so far.

How to cook the small beans in the small bird: the recipe of the vegetable side dish