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Sundakkai Cutlet Recipe, Sweet Potato and Turkey Berry Tikki

Get the recipe at Jopreets Kitchen.

For the rest of the amazing list of Thanksgiving, 2nd Monday in October, Canada, see the mammoth list at Huffpost Canada.

Thanksgiving Recipes


Roast turkey the old-fashioned way (a beginner’s guide) | Montreal Gazette

The Second Monday in October is always Thanksgiving in Canada and since I am hoping to move to Canada within the next five years, probably earlier — this isn’t really anything much to talk about on this blog, but I talk about it on my Facebook page more than often (looking forward to the event for many reasons you wouldn’t guess, mostly that it’s an improvement for my personal situation overall) — I thought I would post a recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey for October 14, 2019 — which is Thanksgiving (Canada) this year.


Roast turkey the old-fashioned way (a beginner’s guide) | Montreal Gazette