Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes on “What’s for Dinner Mom’s?”

What's for Dinner Moms?

Halloween is over and it is now time to think about Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving and all the food. Even though we don’t celebrate with a traditional meal on Thanksgiving day (we travel for Mid-America Oireachtas, Irish dance regionals in Kentucky) we will be together eating appetizers somewhere enroute. It is about being together more than food for me (though my children think differently).

So, enjoy your family (actual or chosen) and do the things you love!

This has been a hit for years on my blog. Green Beans with Brown Butter and Sliced Almonds (or Toasted Pecans) (click for link to recipe) is delicious! It takes ordinary green beans to another level. You have to be super patient to make the brown butter but it is worth the extra time to make it. Prepare your beans ahead of time, have the sliced almonds ready to go and this is…

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Bel' Occhio


Chocolate dark as midnight.  Caramel sauce –  toffee-like  with just a suggestion of burnt sugar.    A superb marriage of flavours.   CHOCOLATE AND SALTED DULCE DE LECHE TART is a very indulgent and very very French dessert.   One sees it on the menu of discerning French restaurants.   One adores eating it.  But faced with the complex demands of making the perfect crust, the silky smooth chocolate filling and the smoky rich caramel sauce the perfect hostess pops into her favourite patisserie and picks up this tart.

This recipe takes the tears and pressure out of putting this dessert together and you can do it in about twenty minutes.  It is an uncomplicated recipe.

Chop up some roasted nuts, chocolate and oat digestive biscuits in the food processor.  Mix it with melted butter and press it into a loose-bottomed tart tin(a must).   The can of dulce de leche is opened…

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Indian Cake Rusk

Please Pass the Recipe

Cake Rusk are the Indian version of Italian Biscotti and are a favorite tea time snack across India and Pakistan


  • 1cupall purpose flour
  • 1teaspoonbaking powder
  • ½cupunsalted butter, at room temperature
  • ½cupgranulated white sugar
  • ½teaspoonvanilla extract
  • 2eggs, at room temperature


  1. Preheat oven to 325 F degrees.
  2. In a bowl sift together all purpose flour and baking powder. Set aside.
  3. Using your stand or hand mixer, beat the room temperature butter till it becomes soft and creamy.
  4. Add sugar gradually and cream the butter and sugar together till it becomes smooth and creamy.
  5. Add in the eggs, one by one and beat the whole mixture till it comes to a smooth consistency.
  6. Add in the vanilla extract and mix.
  7. Now add the flour and baking powder slowly into wet ingredients.
  8. Beat the mixture for 2 minutes till it looks smooth.
  9. Pour the batter into a 8 x 8 square cake…

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Palak paneer

If you are familiar with Indian food, you know the term “Palak
Paneer” refers to spinach cottage cheese.
Palak paneer is famous north Indian gravy dish made with spinach and Indian
cottage cheese. This dish is simple and easy to make at home in few minutes. If
you are craving comfort in the form of an Indian curry, this is perfect recipe
for you. For all the vegans out there, you can easily swap out paneer for tofu.
It is perfectly served with Indian flatbread like roti, naan, paratha or even rice.

When it comes to paneer, using good quality of paneer is
always the key! You can get the paneer in any Indian store; however homemade paneer
is always the best way to go! I will share my paneer recipe soon! It is very easy,
and you can make big batch ahead of time, hence when you want to…

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Spicy masala pasta

Pasta is pretty much my favorite ingredient to cook with. Because pasta is so incredibly versatile, and it is a great base to just add anything to! I think of pasta like a blank state for all my culinary imaginations. We can all agree that there is a lot of passion for pasta around the world and we are all pasta lovers at heart! You don’t have to be a chef or a professional to make a deliciously elegant yet simple pasta dish. This dish was an experiment turned into success!

You can never go wrong with an easy pasta dish for your kids! My son loves pasta, so I end up making it for him at least twice a week. On those days, I try not to cook two different meals. I just get creative with pasta itself and create new fusion flavors to make a one pot meal…

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Spicy Campanelle Aglio e Olio

Aglio E Olio is a quintessential classic Italian pasta dish. You may be wondering what kind of name is this? Aglio means garlic and Olio means oil. It is one of the magical dishes that uses simple ingredients and turns into a magnificent dish in about 15 minutes. Many say this dish was invented in Naples and it is known as a peasant dish, created by poor farmers who had nothing but the most basic ingredients on hand. The traditional recipe uses the spaghetti, however, you can use any pasta you have available in the house.

This is my take on Aglio E Olio. This dish is on top of my comfort food list because I love pasta, olive oil, garlic, and spices! This dish is very simple at its finest. Make sure to cook pasta al dente and don’t forget the pinch of salt in boiling water. Trust me!…

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Cheesy Spinach Alfredo Pasta

As a parent, sometimes it’s hard not to feel completely defeated when our kids won’t eat the food we spend time and effort preparing. I feel that every parent has their own struggles when it comes to getting their kids to eat vegetables. I won’t lie but it’s a struggle I face every single day. After consistent daily efforts, at least my toddler attempts to try all new foods even though there isn’t guarantee of him finishing it. My goal is to remain persistent in exposing him to new flavors while trying not to get frustrated in the process. However, I do find different creative ways to sneak veggies into meals which helps make this process easier. One meal that I know will always go down well in our household is pasta! I incorporate all types of veggies in our weekly pasta meals. Pasta dishes are super versatile, filling, comforting…

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Best Pie Delivery: Bakeries That Ship Desserts Nationwide – Thrillist

Best Pie Delivery: Bakeries That Ship Desserts Nationwide – Thrillist
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Hah! Well here are some more pie delivery shops. Oh boy, it’s like everything I do today on this blog is fabulous, as in, it’s like a fable. So have a fabulous holiday whenever you celebrate it!!!! Now to then.


Homemade Pies Baked Fresh Daily – The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe

Homemade Pies
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I guess I just feel like advertising a little today and since I’m not an advertiser per se, also to advertise something or somethings which can’t be bought easily … like pie in a store in a foreign state! There’s a lesson for all of us in this somewhere besides Utopian transfer transportation systems but I don’t know what it is. All the same, I like to advertise interesting places time to time where I can.


Farmstore | Specialty Foods & Gifts | Meadowbrook Orchards

Our year-round Farmstore offers fresh baked goods, fruit from our orchard, heat & serve entrees, flowers, gifts and local foods from Massachusetts.
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What a nice store. They don’t have any online or out of store location orders. But it was so glamorous in the old school tradition of authentic American, I had to feature the shop.

Seriously, in the future when you can use transportation of a kind that transfers you from one city to another & then a town to town faster than car or bus, I wonder what local stores and commerce will be like? A person in Seattle could make an appointment on order to pick up their pie in Boston on an ordinary schedule and basically so could anyone within a National in-visa’ed transfer zone. So that small store has a new commerce issue …. what will ever happen? Wow. Wouldn’t that be something to see?


1621 First Thanksgiving Cheesecake – My Food and Family

Did you know cheesecake was served at the first Thanksgiving?* That’s right, our research of real historical paintings of the First Thanksgiving prove that cheesecake (not pie!) is the original Thanksgiving dessert. So make your Thanksgiving dessert the original with our 1621 First Thanksgiving Cheesecake. It’s sure to disappear faster than pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or apple pie. Now figuring out a dessert to make this Thanksgiving is a piece of (cheese)cake! (*Well, maybe…)
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100+ Thanksgiving Pies – Homemade Pie For The Holidays —

Please be aware that today (Nov. 9, 2019) is PIE DAY. I just decided that this morning. So if you are looking for other recipes besides pies (though there might be a few pies there too, no promises either way), you have to visit BIA (Brut Imperial Antarctica) through my WordPress group. Please do although as of the morning/early afternoon I still might not have finished any link posts there.

R.I.P. store-bought pumpkin pie.
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