Semi-Homemade Cherry Cake Recipe

I finished the main bulk of the list I had held over from late September. Sadly, I couldn’t get it all listed today. And I give up too! Some of the older emails were kind of redundant in light of the fact that I had decided to hold over the recipe list until yesterday’s list. So this is what I did. I think this is the longest day list I’ve ever put together (though I’m not completely sure) and so I just tagged everything into “Oct. 12” and no other distinctions were made. I’m sorry I had to confess I left out about 10 recipes for pastas and gravy and vegetable meats and a casserole or two. It seemed complete at the end. As it is, I got to a very late start in the evening with posting and this was unexpected. But I consider the task complete! Didn’t want to miss the main list of all these great recipes!


Semi-Homemade Cherry Cake Recipe