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This is another Pillsbury rerun for me in the overall posting locations I have, but I love everything on this list so much, I just have to post it again; and, this includes everything else that I said in the post below today.

I am attempting to teach myself German in the slowest of all possible ways, hoping to stick to it, despite my love of posting things and otherwise, spending time on what I have no choice but to call book-work, for lack of a better name — I’m studying, but also writing, but also reading, but also just doing book-work; I like to say it’s all writing, but that confuses the issue I suppose. Let me just say then, between writing and goofing off (which is posting things) and doing whatever people do for themselves during the days, everyday — shopping, web-surfing, whatever it is — adding “learning German by myself” is a big chunk of time to add. (I finally got that sentence out, which is why I leave these kinds of announcements and posts to my Facebook page, also because, I hate to think that total strangers are getting the story of my life, day to day, while I post recipes from websites all over the internet; this is my Facebook page; and I’m sure that it has to be a different sort of song hearing it from a recipe re-post blog.)

I don’t care to really change the way I present myself on my Facebook page, with greater formality or greater lacking formality at times, whatever the case holds, so I can’t seem to appear as someone I am and am not on a blog, so my rambling stories are the only song, story, I mean, to sing, to tell. And for that matter, I am trying to learn German.

The point of all this. My meager and small attempts, being myself alone, are taking up time I’m not used to giving up. I explained on my Facebook page, that after years of trying to get myself even oriented to learning Latin, I gave up, knowing (I am a native Italian, who never finished learning Italian fluently enough to survive on my own that way); knowing that, I would never make a plan I would stick to, because it’s cumbersome and attackative of all my failures in the Italian language to being fluent. And I can’t motivate myself to clean up that situation any better than I do from time to time reading Italian sites. Latin just isn’t going to happen soon, unless it gets easier some way in the vein of Indo-European languages from the European continent as a whole. So I have been studying how I might do that, since, the motivation is to become a better “book-work-er”, to become a better writer — I am allowing myself the luxury of calling myself that since, I feel that’s what I am. People would call what I do different things, but it all stems from just writing and nothing more really. (I am published at amazon and my love is for ancient literatures and histories, but my language problem is becoming an inordinate sized obstacle to a lot of health progress otherwise; so I’d at least like to learn Latin sometimes. There’s a big history of this story on my Facebook page, I will avoid telling.)

The other languages of greatest utility to me this way, besides Latin, would be Old Norse or Old English. Taking a few years recently to confirm all this to myself again and again and having tried several attemptive routes — restudy my high school French, try to pick up Spanish, try to look at books on other ancient languages; I decided that German was probably the quickest route to break down the barriers between Italian and English that make Latin an impossible venture to my imagination. I mean, I just have no hope to inspire myself to sit for the lessons I already am familiar with and won’t learn for whatever personal reasons obstruct the common sense of need; it has no time ethic in approach, given that, I will learn things and forget them and be upset that, Italian is incomplete in my history still.

Well, all this isn’t even about meatloaf.

But my daily schedule has been altered for all this meaning, so I just thought I would background my story a bit on my blog, the way I would on Facebook.

This let me say a few German phrases on occasion.

I learned Guten Tag! I mean I’ve heard that many times. So I have said it now because I have also learned it now.

This post serves as my disclaimer to any more German phrases cropping up on this blog at any time now or later.

I will refer to “the Meatloaf Pillsbury Post” as relevant of it.

(I am hoping that anyone receiving this in their emails will think that it is meant in the vain way that it is said. I am not the professional blogger people would otherwise hope to find in foodie blogs. I mean, I could be — not in so far as food — choose a topic and seem seemly about it, but that is also time I can’t account for.)

Thank you everyone and anyone for visiting my blog(s)!


10 Ways You’ve Never Made Meatloaf (But Should!) – Pillsbury.com