Royal Fried Chicken – Jamaica, NY 11434 (Menu & Order Online)

I have forgotten that I intended to feature listings of restaurants all over the world (from the internet), because I like to find restaurants of all kinds all over the internet.

This will probably make most people turn down my emails, but it might be all for the best, given the number of posts I have each day some days.

I don’t have an explanation for any of the places that I will pick, and this post will get lost for sure, but, without further apologies, this is the first in a long, long time noted.


Royal Fried Chicken – Jamaica, NY 11434 (Menu & Order Online)

Grilled Zucchini Lasagna –

I saw this at the last minute, it is out of context completely now and I could not leave it off today’s list. Sorry for the way it looks on today’s page.

Highly unlikely, but I might miss a few consecutive days in the coming two to three weeks (June 29 – July 13), but not to worry I will be here on and off otherwise. (Or else, never gone, not sure yet.)



Grilled Zucchini Lasagna –

Mom’s Italian Bread Recipe | Taste of Home

A real burger and steak sandwich lover, I have a fetish about sometimes eating my beef between two slices of Italian white bread. (A lot of people would say, garlic bread, but no, I mean durable, Italian white bread; even though the other is outrageous, yes.) It’s extremely unconventional and inconvenient though and probably not the best party food. But just to state it and remind everyone that it can be done … so I have added some Italian white bread to today’s posts, because of the lists of possible grill day foods and that a lot of it will be grilled meat and/or vegetables, that might do well between two slices of Italian white bread.


Mom’s Italian Bread Recipe | Taste of Home