Other Page

Well, I’m very glad to have followers and to have gotten like approvals for my posts on Crackling Pork Rinds. I am hoping that this Other Page location might turn out to be something some day, but for right now, this entire blog is just to back up my Facebook and my Twitter Pages which is public and which is pretty much the same as this, only slightly more radical over the years of usage, which, there, has been at least 7 years now.

So I will begin by thanking everyone who follows and likes me on Crackling Pork Rinds with a great big THANKS! And I hope you will continue to visit me. (My disclaimer to this thanks is that, besides being self-confessed as rather public shy, I choose not to communicate with any traffickers (I mean that in a very good way) of my public sites (not FB or Twitter or Pinterest) because it may lead to some misunderstanding at some point. Please do not be offended, but that is the policy which allows me to stay open.