Italian Wine, Italian Red Wine, Italian White Wine, Italian Sparkling Wine, Best Italian Wine, Wine from Italy | By Italy

It’s true that shopping online incurs a lot of shipping charges and that’s seriously a drawback to the suggestion of doing it, but all the same, here is a site (that is overseas — and “approved by Nonna!”), which has some variably priced wines of generally good repute and that you can just purchase online.


Italian Wine, Italian Red Wine, Italian White Wine, Italian Sparkling Wine, Best Italian Wine, Wine from Italy | By Italy


Top 10 Best Italian Wines in Chicago, IL – Last Updated June 2019 – Yelp

Top 10 Best Italian Wines in Chicago, IL – Last Updated June 2019 – Yelp

Good question arises from the former post below, concerning the ability to get the appropriate vino for the grocery.

So I employed the same two devices. I typed “Italian Wines” in FIND and Chicago, IL in NEAR on yelp. This generated a list of places where I could find some to much Italian Wines.

Googling “find Italian Wines in local liquor stores”, which is pretty much the search you’d have to be willing to make, if that is what you are hoping to find, turned up more local options, but nothing specific and also improved the chances for successful finding of these wines online.

I was directed (and I have forgotten about this, because I am not the responsible adult for these things in my living condition, so I don’t think of them often, but sometimes) to, which is a website for liquor delivery including wine.

I believe that shopping online is probably the more intentionally direct way of achieving fulfillment to the goal of having a specific wine choice in the house for a particular planned dinner.

But this is really a thing that most people will have to work on a bit for themselves, because, you can try to fill someone else’s house glass full of wine all you want and nevertheless, the owner of the table will have to fill the glass himself or herself and make also their own choices. So it’s something to research more typically to a difficulty of individual ways and choices than just going to an ethnic grocery, or I think so.

Top 10 Best Italian Grocery Stores in Chicago, IL – Last Updated June 2019 – Yelp

Top 10 Best Italian Grocery Stores in Chicago, IL – Last Updated June 2019 – Yelp

So this link here, will direct you to the example page of my short post here.

I am assuming, maybe a bit too much, that everyone who wants to will know how to find an Italian Grocery or Market in the US in a major town; and that hopefully you will easily be able to get to it, or else, to take a vacation day and make an event of traveling to it — because, for instance, I am Italian and this is still a tradition to me: vacationing with grocery runs I mean; sometimes. And no one should feel stymied about branching out and trying new kinds of groceries if they have the cooksmart-ways and health-wise-ways to cook with their materials especially; because seriously, where would all the Italian-Americans be otherwise — in Italy, correct!

But just in case, it is a mystery to some and it could well be, how to find an ethnic grocery store of any kind actually; one good example is typing in in your web browser and, using yelp as a phone book of course, writing “Italian Grocery Stores” in the FIND section, followed by your city choice in the NEAR section — both up top of the page.

In this case, I chose Chicago for never a better reason than that it was my first search from the google search I actually did. For that matter, you can also google, “shop for Italian groceries in”… and the place where you want to shop for Italian grocery stores and you might just get the same places as yelp or else some more local choices than that, which I also did.

But you could also use this method for any ethnic grocery store I guess.

Fish in leek sauce – Fish

(Lampuga is mahi-mahi, so I suppose if you are not into the mahi-mahi you could replace the lampuga with whatever you are replacing mahi-mahi with; online suggestions are cod, halibut, flounder, snapper and grouper. Myself I never look a mahi-mahi gift-horse in the mouth, so I consider it a time to be grateful for delicious fish; however, I usually prefer pike then if it was going to be mahi-mahi. However, pike in leek sauce is probably not everyone’s thing, in which case, I suggest that only for the die-hard fish-lovers, not the salmon crowd you find of non-believers in whole fish as a staple food. (I hope my bigotry is rankle here, because I should post this on Facebook where I say these kinds of things, but I wanted to include it here and I just couldn’t quit my salmon rant for this blog, but I’ll end it here.) In any case of the absurd things I say on Facebook and why I don’t talk much on my blog, let this be an example, I seriously thought this is one of those excellent recipes to keep forever.)

Now also, Taggiasca Olives are actually a type and not a brand, so to make this actual dish, you have to buy just those olives by name and they are marketed everywhere online you search for them.

An explanation of them is here:

Taggiasca Olives explained in brief

And a look at a brand of them online is at amazon’s link below.



Fish in leek sauce – Fish

Amazon Grocery Taggiasca Olives (purchase online)

Focaccia with potatoes and crescenza – Pizza and Focaccia

(Okay, now, Crescenza — because I had to look this up also myself — is also an Italian brand of cheese, of cheese that is Stracchino (pronounced “stre-keeno”, almost quite literally, you know, like the casino scratch off game, “keeno” at the end and just a syllable that is “stre”, short e, at the beginning; but the spelling is unkind; I guess some people would say “stra” at the beginning since it’s spelled that way, but they are surely foreigners, be a local Italian and say it, “stre-keeno”). And that is what you will ask for at the same Italian Market Deli when you are shopping Italian grocery goods.)

Focaccia with potatoes and crescenza – Pizza and Focaccia

Panna cotta with currants and blueberries – Spoon desserts

(According to Spadellandia Italia, one of the websites from where I traffic the Italian recipes, like this one, onto this blog, this is an easy recipe. I take that with a grain of salt or I would. I almost regret posting it, except that for people who can call it easy, it’s a shame and otherwise, I hate the thought of contributing to the messy situation this might provoke in kitchens.)


Panna cotta with currants and blueberries – Spoon desserts

Stuffed tomatoes with rice and buffalo – Unique dishes

(Buffalo just refers to the type of mozzarella the recipe is referring you to use, which I’m pretty sure is a brand name only available in Italy; however, corresponds easily to the fresh, small round mozzarella’s anyone can get easily enough by frequenting their local Italian Market’s deli counter and asking for fresh mozzarella; “buffalo” probably won’t mean anything. Regular packaged mozzarella is not fresh enough probably for this, but another similar soft cheese to mozzarella might also be okay. I would recommend going with the fresh mozzarella, it has the right taste for the acid tomatoes.)


Stuffed tomatoes with rice and buffalo – Unique dishes