Classic Focaccia Bread Recipe | MyRecipes


Classic Focaccia Bread Recipe | MyRecipes


Our Best Mashed Potato Recipes | MyRecipes

So for the mashed potatoes. I intend to have more mashed and baked vegetables on the buffet, but mashed potatoes should be considered an important responsibility.

As of the moment I am already in negotiation over the 25 choices on the list and my kitchen has advised me not to discuss the choices. I am letting it be known that this primary choice is definitely going on the top 5 overall whether anyone disagrees with me or not. After that, I guess everything needs to be reviewed and discussed — sure.

I know we’ve already chosen Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Mashed Potatoes with Greens and Triple Onion Mashed Potatoes and Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes — which gives us a good five choices, except that I think the problem is there are another 2 or 3 in contention for the full list.

We’ll see.

This picture is of Creamiest Mashed Potatoes — my own first choice.

Our Best Mashed Potato Recipes | MyRecipes

How to Make Rich, Flavorful Gravy Using Bouillon Cubes | MyRecipes

I’m going to ask my kitchen to oblige me with an extra gravy which is plain, besides any other accessories to the banquet buffet in final, so I am putting this up for election to that cause.

There’s also a mashed potato recipe and more gravy recipes in links on the page that should be counted in. I am posting the mashed potatoes here today. (The extra gravy recipes you can study for yourself).


How to Make Rich, Flavorful Gravy Using Bouillon Cubes | MyRecipes

Must-Have Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes – MyRecipes

Well. Although these are Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes, I will use them for my Christmas Banquet Menu, because I am going to find a recipe for a Goose, for the center-table. I intend to anyway. And if I can’t, I am going to have a large bird center table. That’s to come.

I will be using more than one of these recipes for the buffet. There are 30 in total and I like them all, but I can’t choose just one for this large banquet hall menu. So I’m using the following and then I can say I have my stuffing buffet done! Happy for that!

#1 – Classic Herb Stuffing; #4 – Smokey Chorizo Stuffing; #12 – Tri-Pepper Chorizo Stuffing; #14 – Stuffing Stuffed Onions; #22 – Slow Cooker Wild Rice and Mushroom Stuffing; #23 – Linguica Sausage Stuffing with Mushrooms; #24 – Herbed Apricot and Pecan Stuffing; #27 – Sausage and Bread Stuffing; #29 – Apple, Cranberry and Pecan Stuffing



Must-Have Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes – MyRecipes

How to Cook Chuck Steak | MyRecipes

I decided to have a big meat day. I haven’t mentioned yet to my blog (where I also mentioned before that I had banned myself from McDonald’s because of the soon to be Beyond Meat burger there), that I had a recall on my situation and I will be able to safely eat at McDonald’s soon enough, after all my checks happen to be true — that is that contact with Beyond Meat isn’t going to be a bad experience for me. It seems that it will be a pass through experience, so I will be able to continue (with my family) to eat there.

So since this is recent news and because I haven’t had a big meat day in a while on my blog and because I had a lot of meat recipes to post, I have decided to post a big meat day.

Just a warning. (Today, for archive future reference is October 17, 2019.)

More on this in the post just above today.


How to Cook Chuck Steak   | MyRecipes

Our 25 Best Tiramisu Recipes – MyRecipes

It’s with great pleasure that I get to make some serving and consumption advice about desserts at the after dinner table — hopefully this isn’t going to be tiramisu for lunch, because the advice is double fold. Although it’s considered a light dessert, this is in comparison to the general list of grand tortes that might fit the banquet 3 to 5 course dinner — and I mean this of course in the sense of everyone who will entertain in multiple course dinners at some time — and not just to seem obsequiously French, which I’m not — I’m usually out and about shopping and not even pretending to be French.

Besides all this introduction, and particularly concerning this Charlotte — you (should I say ‘one’?) might want to take caution that tortes generally and cakes of high merit like tiramisu, however interesting at the bon appetit released restaurant buffet spread, is actually a banquet table dessert and is best served at the close (this is why it’s light) of a heavy meal.

In very short, if you’re eating light and especially if your not starving on the particular day of feasting, but have been excessively “good” — this Charlotte will ruin your day. So might the other tiramisus. Please save it for a large meal gathering or a large meal night.

I just couldn’t stand not posting it and I just couldn’t stand thinking I was leading dieters down one of the most typical mistakes of their lives.

Chocolate Tiramisu Charlotte

Our 25 Best Tiramisu Recipes – MyRecipes