Torta Cubana – A Mexican Sandwich

My Slice of Mexico

(Click here to go to printable recipe: Torta Cubana, pictured above.)

In one of my earliest posts, I mentioned that when I was in middle school in Mexico City, a friend introduced me to “Tortas Don Polo”, a restaurant specializing in Mexican sandwiches (tortas) and smoothies (licuados). Established in 1958 by Leopoldo (Polo) Sánchez Preciado, it became very popular, especially for its delicious “tortas cubanas”(Cuban tortas.) In yet another of my early posts, I wrote about the three urban legends regarding the naming of this sandwich:  “We know tortas are Mexican sandwiches, and it is generally accepted that the cubanas in particular, were invented in Mexico City sometime in the 1950s (note: the Cuban sandwich is a different preparation, popular in Miami); how they were named is a different matter.  The three most popular stories are: 1) That the creator had a small torta stand on

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