Olive Garden debuts giant meatball and giant chicken Parmesan

Nobody knows (on this Blog, CPR), what my situation is about Olive Garden.

It’s not really a situation, though that’s true; it’s an attitude. However, this attitude creates a situation for me in my lifetime. I seem to be the only person ever made who doesn’t really appreciate Olive Garden. Ever, I mean. It takes it’s toll. No, I have never eaten at Olive Garden. I don’t miss that I haven’t though. I have told this story on my Facebook Page quite often now over the years and I don’t feel it’s really appropriate for CPR.

In which case, I will just say that, I can just imagine then that Olive Garden is trying to bring anesthesia to the possibility that there might be a single living soul, who doesn’t really like Olive Garden. But I have never known a single person ever who doesn’t feel that Olive Garden is a heavenly staple of dining. That’s my feeling for McDonald’s and Burger King, so I will just leave it all at that.

I hope I haven’t lost any followers or readers, since it IS my conviction that I AM the only objector in the universe to Olive Garden.

All the same, this is an interesting idea they have.



Olive Garden debuts giant meatball and giant chicken Parmesan