Recipe Beef fillet in crust – Yellow Zafferano recipe


Recipe Crusted beef fillet – The Yellow Saffron Recipe


How to make pasta with mushrooms and sausage: the recipe of tagliatelle with sauce

Oh please! Come Fare: Pasta con i funghi e salsicce – la ricetta di tagliatelle con il sugo di funghi e salsicce…. Yes, that’s what it says. It says just that. Doesn’t it say that to everyone? Sure it does! Yes, I’m just not too good in the Italian language, I know.

How to make pasta with mushrooms and sausage: the recipe of tagliatelle with sauce

Italian bread fritters | Somy’s Bakery

These Italian Bread Fritters are also from the Blog at Giallo Zafferano. Make sure to check them out if you love jam and bread — it’s a fried bread dumpling stuffed with your favorite jam — this recipe is apricot jam.

Italian bread fritters | Somy’s Bakery

And when you are done looking at that, here are a few more Italian bread variations for your kitchen books from Giallo Zafferano on YouTube.

Recipe Tuna belly cutlets – Yellow Zafferano recipe

Not sure if it’s difficult to get Tuna Belly, but I see that it’s well known enough that there must be some way to finally find it in a fish store. It’s a very tender fish anyway. (My gourmet past allows me to say this on behalf of there having been other people interested in the purveyorship of precious goods like this. But I myself, haven’t seen it in the ordinary fish section of the store. I would guess that a regular fishmonger shop would be able to find it and order it.)


Recipe Tuna belly cutlets – Yellow Zafferano recipe

McChicken Delicate Recipe – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

Giallo Zafferano, also known as, Yellow Saffron, for English speakers (they really are) — is glamming up some burgers at McDonald’s Italia over the summer months. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent change out there.

I was sort of wishing that there was a Yellow Saffron better known in the US. The company has a Yellow Saffron group, but since the chef’s media company is only working (or at least for the most part) in Italy, Yellow Saffron is just a few videos for English speakers and nothing more. For that matter, there’s no guarantee that Yellow Saffron would consult with McDonald’s or the fast food industry. It would be nice. It would make me proud somehow.

I believe this is one of the Giallo Zafferano Burgers new at McDonald’s Italia!

Zucchini Chicken Burger

(It has zucchini topping; the burger isn’t made with zucchini — just chicken.)

McChicken Delicate Recipe – The Yellow Saffron Recipe