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So my new luncheonette will be called Meg’s, short for Megara’s, which was a very important Greek Goddess and also is a region of Greece from antiquity when the place, just south of Macedonia to the north, had that name. And this will be hoping to be as close to a fast food franchise as possible.

Now the things, as I was saying before, in general of the list of it, are — these:

panzerotti, calzeones, filo dough triangles (types), filo cheese bakes (types), periogi’s, pasties, stromboli, sausage rolls, stuffings & salads, stuffed burgers, baked pastas (stuffed and unstuffed), polentas, tortillas, burritos, cubanos, pho (soup and sandwiches), muffalata, panini, pasta salads, mayo salads; sides include bread and potatoes and rices and base noodles; and I would also like to feature some polish and greek and mediterranean (egyptian and moroccan) stuffed dishes, but I don’t know them too well — in the same general type

Yes and this is all true. I am working on this now. I hope that soon, MEG’S will be a big success. And for the entertainment vehicle and the Kid’s Club, I will hire actors in dress costume of the Greeks and other mythological neighboring earth-related Pagan Gods, to recite and chant … (I am laughing pretty hard or at least somewhat, all alone at my desk. I told my Facebook page today I had to avoid them because I haven’t been feeling well, but that I would be over here. And this is true. But, this is a story for my Facebook page and not for my blog, since, no, there is no Megara’s … (or Meg’s).)

Pepperoni Pizza Loaf Stromboli

18 of Our Best Stromboli Recipes | Taste of Home