The 10 Best Books on the Runes – Norse Mythology for Smart People

Here are some other book suggestions from around the web that look good to this passerby, on the subject of the topics of today’s posts: Norse Mythology and Rune Stones (not including Hogwarts specifically).

The 10 Best Books on the Runes – Norse Mythology for Smart People

Sons of Vikings (Understanding Runes & Reference Books)


Online Hogwarts Courses | Hogwarts is Here

On another similar note, to that below, I also found in that search, Hogwarts’ Academy. Though I am not learned in Hogwarts (because I am not a fan of their antics and they never even wrote a story for persons like me, who enjoy sorcery and shamanism, but who have not interest in antics), I know that there are so many persons who have wished to have attended the prestigious preparatory school as a child. It seems to be reaching out to the universe, looking for its people.

I’m rather upset however, that, I may be unleashing new evil upon the face of the earth and that all this coursework will only bring more doom to the planet. But, believing that all learning has to be good fun, I can assume that it probably won’t.

I’m sorry for my negligence then, I barely studied the pages myself to report this great finding in to my blog page as a feature. I hope someone might enjoy what looks like it could be a fun website … for the interested.

Online Hogwarts Courses | Hogwarts is Here

Study Runes!

As I am working on stories which are constantly referring the fate of the characters by rune stones — I am not writing the fiction of it, I am reporting the past fictions of other writers, as a writer myself — I am intrigued to know so little of rune stones and their importance in communicating spiritual values and language to hungry wanderers on earth and in story. So, I googled the phrase, “study runes online” and I came up with interesting resources. Here below are two online courses in rune stones and the third part includes very beautiful Celtic-like instrumental songs. All three recommend study resources.

I thought this was an interesting diversion to make known!

Rune Journeys

Gnostic Teachings

Rune Secrets