White Russian Cake | King Arthur Flour


White Russian Cake | King Arthur Flour


Calzone Recipe | King Arthur Flour

Tomato sauce and cheese calzone can be good for a quick snack or an appetizer alongside of a good salad or in place of maybe regular bread, however, I prefer the expanded definition of calzone, which includes all of one (or sometimes two, depending on the durability of your dough), cheese, sauce, meat and vegetables.

With this recipe from King Arthur Flour, you have your own calzone manufacture hut at home!


Calzone Recipe | King Arthur Flour

Stroopwafels Recipe | King Arthur Flour

Well since I didn’t find a regular outer cookie for the inner cookie cream below, besides in a complete recipe, I thought to post these, because these are really good with a thin-spread-over line of extra cookie cream filling over the top.

And otherwise, when your kids or friends are tearing apart all the Oreos in a sack trying to make better Oreos, now they can do it to each one! I remember all the years of my own doubts and though, for me, it made excellent material to write about, I don’t know that everyone else has that luxury, in which case, that’s sure aggravating and something to dream about. (Just putting it out there.)


Stroopwafels Recipe | King Arthur Flour