Chocolate Lover’s Pizza Recipe | Taste of Home

I found chocolate, before it found me! How’s that?

Well, I know what most people will think — shortage on Dove dark chocolate. I’m thinking, this is just Taste of Home’s suggestion. For which purpose, I have added another article on the bottom, showing that, other chocolate companies have dark chocolate candy that you can probably use just as well.


Chocolate Lover’s Pizza Recipe | Taste of Home

This is just to prove other dark chocolate candy besides Dove. There are still others. I would guess ANY bona fide stated commercial OTC dark chocolate candy would suit this recipe for chocolate pizza.

11 Best Dark Chocolate Candy Bars

Mom’s Italian Bread Recipe | Taste of Home

A real burger and steak sandwich lover, I have a fetish about sometimes eating my beef between two slices of Italian white bread. (A lot of people would say, garlic bread, but no, I mean durable, Italian white bread; even though the other is outrageous, yes.) It’s extremely unconventional and inconvenient though and probably not the best party food. But just to state it and remind everyone that it can be done … so I have added some Italian white bread to today’s posts, because of the lists of possible grill day foods and that a lot of it will be grilled meat and/or vegetables, that might do well between two slices of Italian white bread.


Mom’s Italian Bread Recipe | Taste of Home

18 of Our Best Stromboli Recipes | Taste of Home

So my new luncheonette will be called Meg’s, short for Megara’s, which was a very important Greek Goddess and also is a region of Greece from antiquity when the place, just south of Macedonia to the north, had that name. And this will be hoping to be as close to a fast food franchise as possible.

Now the things, as I was saying before, in general of the list of it, are — these:

panzerotti, calzeones, filo dough triangles (types), filo cheese bakes (types), periogi’s, pasties, stromboli, sausage rolls, stuffings & salads, stuffed burgers, baked pastas (stuffed and unstuffed), polentas, tortillas, burritos, cubanos, pho (soup and sandwiches), muffalata, panini, pasta salads, mayo salads; sides include bread and potatoes and rices and base noodles; and I would also like to feature some polish and greek and mediterranean (egyptian and moroccan) stuffed dishes, but I don’t know them too well — in the same general type

Yes and this is all true. I am working on this now. I hope that soon, MEG’S will be a big success. And for the entertainment vehicle and the Kid’s Club, I will hire actors in dress costume of the Greeks and other mythological neighboring earth-related Pagan Gods, to recite and chant … (I am laughing pretty hard or at least somewhat, all alone at my desk. I told my Facebook page today I had to avoid them because I haven’t been feeling well, but that I would be over here. And this is true. But, this is a story for my Facebook page and not for my blog, since, no, there is no Megara’s … (or Meg’s).)

Pepperoni Pizza Loaf Stromboli

18 of Our Best Stromboli Recipes | Taste of Home