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Recipe Macaroon and chocolate tart – Yellow Zafferano recipe

I know that Italian recipes calling for Icing Sugar means Confectioner’s Sugar, you can see it in the picture too. And, uhm, Amaretti Cookies are not really macaroons. You can see them in the edge of the left top corner of this picture. They are hard, edible cookies made with amaretto flavor (not liquor per se, just flavor) and you’d think they were stale they are so hard for cookies and kind of hollow in the airholed places in the commercial ones, but they aren’t — air-drying makes them that way and so they are perfectly fresh. You can taste them when they’re stale, they taste like they wanted to be mothballs almost.

I’m sort of sorry I didn’t see this recipe before Easter, it is really good with the rest of the chocolate and omelets and pizzas and everything.


Recipe Macaroon and chocolate tart – Yellow Zafferano recipe