Soy burger: the recipe for second vegan dishes

Well I was wrong, there was another post on the vegan-fast-food-in-burger-diners-topic. I found this in my email after I thought I had closed up my blogging and re-posting for today.

These are soybean burgers. I think that soybean burgers are a better composition for base ingredient than the seedy, greasy kind of thing that you get with vegan burgers, typically — it’s not industry safe grease to use to much mineral-plant based natural oils with the burger and chicken and even fish fats and potato grease that goes into the material composition of a typical fast food burger restaurant. Mineral oils in vegan burgers are  uncharted in the fast food industry and before the influence could be determined it might take a decade or more; whereas, any ordinary kitchen test would indicate that the two combinations are antithetical and should be kept separate. Vegans themselves often complain of all the grease they get from taking their vegetable main ingredients and combining them into pulp for a made burger form, especially after frying, let alone in baking.

Soybean burgers are more able for the meat and non-plant protein business in the fact of the oils that can work together, plant to meat. It’s an opinion, but I believe it could be held true.

Furthermore, this basic soybean burger form here from one of my favorite Italian commerce recipe sites, Primo Chef (Italian equivalent of Mr. Food), is very able for diversity. I would guess that if you combined many or any of those fantastic hummus recipes we find later on today’s reblog posts on CPR here, that you could come up with some radical vegan burger flavors that were healthy and also interesting to the fast food sales industry’s success; which should all be considered factoral in consideration. And for the case of satisfaction, where consumers are concerned; so, really, you might still have an eggplant or avocado or red beet, or even peanut burger or polpetta (croquette), but, you’d have it in a safe soybean base.

Now I think I have finished and will close for today.

Happy Weekend! (I will probably return over the weekend with usual topics.)


Soy burger: the recipe for second vegan dishes


20 Creamy, Dreamy Hummus Recipes – Bon Appétit Recipe | Bon Appétit

Here are a few hummus recipes to keep meanwhile. They have no burgers or anything else attached to them. But remarkably, I forget that there are also red pepper vegan burgers, red beet vegan burgers, mushroom vegan burgers and soy bean vegan burgers besides the more typically found and marketed chickpea burgers, eggplant burgers, avocado burgers, black-eyed pea burgers and so on.

What I used to think was whatever anyone meant by vegetable burgers, was a large, sturdy bun filled up with grilled vegetables by choice of course, smothered in some kind of delicious sauce and topped with the rest of the bun; so it was dripping good fun maybe with some tomato and lettuce condiment or pickled vegetable spread.

You know: grilled squash, grilled eggplant, grilled tomato topped with burrata and cucumbers, grilled avocado, grilled artichoke, grilled asparagus or grilled beans chopped with tomatoes and cucumbers, maybe; you know and combinations of the kind.

And I thought it was so funny that fast food chains would make it their problem to grill, freeze and reheat & re-plate grilled vegetables and condiments on buns. But then I realized that wasn’t the thing they did.

That was quite a long time ago, but I still remember it. I was all for that. Seriously, I still believe vegan burgers per se belong on a separate fast food marquee, than on a burger and sandwiches menu. But I have already presented my ideas on that on today’s posts.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful to find a list of all of these great burgers and the vegan sides that could be their partners in a complete fast food restaurant of their own? It would, I think so.

So I’m done with this subject today, except that, I still have to find some ciabatta recipes and maybe recipes for chopped salad to finishing proving my point to myself about better vegan alternatives on the burger side.


20 Creamy, Dreamy Hummus Recipes – Bon Appétit Recipe | Bon Appétit

Chickpea veggie burgers recipe – BBC Food

And this is a regular, run of the mill, chickpea burger.

But you know, wouldn’t it be wonderful, to look at an appetizers menu at fast food locations and find, first of all, an appetizers menu but also, something like, chickpea hummus patties & eggplant hummus patties and maybe just tomato garlic avocado hummus patties and what would be known as Vegetable Hummus Patties (in small polpette size for instance) that were served with a special sauce or else, your choice of steamed noodles, like especially easily made grass or glass noodles which take no more than 5 minutes to make.

Then the vegan alternative would be vegetarian ciabattas. Ya, ya, I like my ideas and not theirs!


Chickpea veggie burgers recipe – BBC Food

Yellow Fin Tuna Burgers – Maroscooking

Although I like chickpea burgers, or whatever the new Impossible Burgers are that I haven’t tried; and I like eggplant burgers, or whatever the new Impossible Burgers are that I haven’t tried; I think a better vegan alternative burger would be a tuna burger (this is a really gourmet example of one, but all the same), except that fast food chains would just call it an alternative fish burger, so no deal there. Why can’t they just have veggie burgers that are a lot of vegetables, or a chopped salad, topped on top of ciabatta bread?


Yellow Fin Tuna Burgers – Maroscooking

The “Un-Philly” Cheesesteak

Of Goats and Greens

Contains:  Dairy.  Is:  Gluten-free, grain-free, nightshade-free, primal.  

Philly, Philadelphia, cheesesteak, lettuce, provolone, onionThe Un-Philly! Strip steak, provolone, onion, Romaine.

I have never eaten a true Philadelphia cheesesteak.  Oh, I got served things with that name at both the college and the workplace cafeterias, long buns with a smattering of dried out meat of uncertain grade, with a Cheeze Wizz addendum.

Philly, Philadelphia, recipe, cheesesteak, provolone, lettuce, onionUse strip or ribeye steak. Trim off extra fat. I did not use this entire piece!

My one trip to Philadelphia was a class day trip undertaken when I was (probably) in the 5th grade.  I think we just got sandwiches or maybe even our parents made our lunches to send with us.  We got to see the crack on the Liberty Bell and we got to pick up facsimiles on crunchy paper of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and things like that.  Sampling food wasn’t on the radar for…

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