Garlic Kailan – MyAromaKitchen

As the lockdown due to Corona virus has begun in Germany, it is time to cook more, especially to cook healthier food. This simple dish is healthy and delicious with very simple ingredients. No stir fry needed! Enjoy cooking and enjoy cooking at home! Total Time: 20 minutes Servings: 2-3 INGREDIENTS 400 gr              Kailan Garlic…
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Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe | EatingWell

Though traditional stuffed cabbage recipes are made with meat, here Savoy cabbage leaves are stuffed with a combination of rice, mushrooms, onions, garlic and herbs for a healthy vegetarian stuffed cabbage recipe. The stuffed cabbage leaves gently bake in a simple tomato sauce. This easy stuffed cabbage recipe can be made ahead of time and baked just before serving.
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Italian Fries | Shutterbean

Italian Fries | Shutterbean

Apparently on the post below this today (12/13/2019) I promised more than one Italian Fries recipe. I must have stated it all wrong. The first recipe has no pictures and is at the top, the second recipe, with pictures is polenta fries. And afterward there are other recipes.

So I offer some more Italian Fries, but the first recipe for Italian Fries was wonderful. It had no picture I could transfer to my page.

Italian style French fries with garlic and rosemary.

Italian French Fries | Comfortable Food

Italian French Fries | Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine Blog

Vegetable turrets with caper sauce – Vegetable dishes

In the meanwhile, I have a few extra recipes to blog in today.

(Capers can be bought online of course. Amazon, or Walmart or Target, for instance, but also,, which is one of my favorite Italian groceries online.)

They are also in most Italian grocery stores wherever you find an Italian grocery store and probably also available in every ordinary grocery store that sells ethnic foods.

Vegetable turrets with caper sauce – Vegetable dishes

Quick Caesar Salad for a Crowd Recipe –

You know? This whole vegan craze at fast food burger places begins because many people feel that the salads at these places are weak and unpleasant generally. As much as I appreciate the rest of the menu, I agree with the general opinion on the salads, though it’s not a universal opinion.

If they would just even be as realistic sometimes about vegetarian filler as they are about burgers, things like Extravagently Oddly Named Weird Tasting Plant Meal for Food Burgers wouldn’t occur anywhere and would find their proper place in food base sealed aluminum foil bins with the proper instructions on them for both meat and meatless construction of pulp patties.

Wouldn’t a basic Ceasar or a basic green be so much better than the cherry tomato special that sold everyone recently down the river who ever believed in the venue? Yes it would have been! And all day yogurt! No strange dessert yogurts. But it’s radically true that what some people complain about burger restaurants being trademark fetish-ed, is a thing that takes hold in the establishment of the place thereof. And so, you could only have a cherry tomato salad there.

I don’t care to be mature about this I guess. I told myself I would be. But I can’t. I feel like a child in juvie. And I don’t even know what that is like frankly, but based on stories of it, I do. It has been weeks that I have not trafficked restaurants I have known all my life and life is weird and I feel like I’ve been targeted. It don’t like this and I think it’s weird!


Quick Caesar Salad for a Crowd Recipe –