50+ Easy Buffalo Chicken Recipes – How to Make Buffalo Chicken—Delish.com

I could not pass up the chance to post this collection of Buffalo Chicken Recipes. Buffalo Chicken is about my favorite kind of chicken, as simplistic as it is and I usually stifle my hopes of re-blogging every single Buffalo Chicken recipe I find on the internet to share; so I never really do, because I guess, it seems strange to people to be fixated on Buffalo Chicken without anymore explanation … (so I’m told; I’m not sure if it’s true; not wanting to make that horrible mistake, I thought not to post more Buffalo Chicken than not at all); but this list is just really great, especially the homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Chicken Pizza is about as much of a hack topic as Buffalo Chicken I think and there are about 1000 ways to go wrong with it, so I thought, why not add 1000 + 1 by opinions and definitely post this list today.

So I did. I hope it helps to somebody’s pantry lists over time.

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza

50+ Easy Buffalo Chicken Recipes – How to Make Buffalo Chicken—Delish.com


Best Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe – How To Make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

(I couldn’t find any recipes that didn’t use canned puree. But I suppose, to argue it, you could take a lot of time and effort to shell out & de-seed all the pulp of a fresh pumpkin, then hack it to bits with a butcher knife & carefully cut off all the hard shell with a smaller sharp butcher knife being careful not to slice off any part of your hand while you do it, because it’s probably not a very safe idea even for accomplished cooks to cut off a pumpkin shell. I’m sorry I ever began this post & feel like magneto should delete it for that matter. And then puree the rest of the pumpkin in a cusinart chopper & throw out the shell. Probably not worth the pain & sorrow.)

Starting over …. I couldn’t find any recipes with fresh pumpkin, probably for that same reason as above. Please disregard the suggestion of disinfected pumpkin. Thank you!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread | Delish

30+ Easy Canned Pumpkin Recipes – Sweet & Savory Foods with Canned Pumpkin

August could be the time of year when you think pumpkins, I’ve never really thought of finding a pumpkin patch out & about in the countryside this early, but it would be nice anyway if you could walk around summer walks in August wearing a t-shirt that says, “Support Your Local Pumpkin Patch.”

For me, with or without Linus VanPelt to herald the occasion, summer can’t end soon enough! So it might be a delightful crusade to go out on driving rides crusading for an early pumpkin patch sign. I still wonder if that could be successful. But, in a few more weeks from now, I suppose grocery stores will win the advantage over ordinary crusaders & signal “game on” with the yearly advent of seasonal year pumpkin sales.

I’m sad to say I don’t know a lot about pumpkins as a vegetable. I wish I did. I grew up thinking of them as a fun decoration & then was recruited to the ordinary gourmets’ point of view, knowing too many of those kinds of people in the past years (gourmets), that pumpkins are a delicious food. And they are! It’s always a special event & treat, wouldn’t you agree? to discover pumpkin tastes in every kind of food you could add pumpkins to.

Then again, these recipes are all made with canned pumpkins. So I should wax less poetic until I find fresh pumpkin recipes to post.

Fair enough, I will.

31 Best Canned Pumpkin Recipes | Delish

30+ Best Fall Salad Recipes – Easy Ideas for Autumn Salads

DELISH MAGAZINE says these salads are recommended for fall. I suppose it’s a point of view a professional food consultant should adopt, but, I think they are probably flavors that work well all year. I would probably find too many arguments against me on that, but it’s my opinion.

And, besides the seasonal timing issue, I thought I would mention here that I have posted 3 salad collections from DELISH Magazine today which I think are an explosion of salads, but should give lots of creative reason for choosing salad all thru the next few seasons thru to spring; so, justified for the bulk list today.

I was fortunate to find article listings flowing one to the next on link themes from DELISH, so I ran with as many groceries as I could to the checkout for recipes & posted them ALL! Stuffed everything into a commuter truck & drove off, never to be found! Confessions of a Rogue Re-blogger is the only source, besides CPR, to know. And now aalso all my visitors.

Well I had a good time browsing recipes on Delish this morning anyway, so I thought to pass on the success to my own blog. This will explain the very long recipe flow here from DELISH!

The posts that might occur this afternoon if they do, were probably already scheduled.

30 Best Fall Recipes | Delish