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Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes | Food & Wine | Food & Wine


21 Indulgent Baked Cheese Recipes | Food & Wine

This is nice, but I guess what I meant was like hard cheese that you would use to cook with, baked in the oven with maybe herbs. I know everyone has heard of baked cheese. So I meant oven baked parmesan. I’m not much of a cook and so I don’t want to give false instructions, like, cut off a hunk of firm but soft (both) parmesan from a wedge and make sure there’s no rind on it and cut it into usable chunks, like about an inch, even 2 inch, squares or 1 x 2 inch rectangles. Then line a cookie sheet with foil and place the parmesan squares or rectangles on the sheet. Have the oven warm at about 375 or 400 and no more and put the squares in the oven. Let them roast up to one side till kind of squeegy looking and then flip them over one by one with a fork trying not to burn your fingers for using it as a utensil. Then put the cookie sheet back in the oven and let the cheese cook to the other side until it seems browned and almost like it bubbles. If you smell roasting cheese it’s about to burn, so it should never cook that long.

See, these aren’t good instructions. And also you can make an herb bouquet or other seasonings and add garlic oils to it and have baked seasoned parmesan or else use asiago or romano. Just, that consistency of cheese. And it’s a snack. For a new way to eat cheese with your favorite crackers and fruit drink. Or maybe that’s just me and everyone else with think that’s gross. Ya, I eat too much hard cheese and tomato sauce anyway. Or at least I know I have.

So I need to find that actual kind of recipe and obviously you can parmesan anything — but I can’t find it. I will be looking out for it.


21 Indulgent Baked Cheese Recipes | Food & Wine

15 Salads That We’d Be Happy to Eat for Dinner | Food & Wine

So I thought I would hand in the salads for the banquet menu list today.

This is a list of 17 excellent salads and since this is an immense menu with so many people in a hall, I’m going to choose to admit, my plan includes an entire buffet side of prepped salads to choose from. From this list, I chose six more intricately made salads and from a separate list, I am choosing some salads which are plainer and centered around green lettuces of different kinds; this is to make the rest of the meats and entrees more interesting on the fork delivery.

So from this list: #3 – Smoked Fish Salad with Pickled Beans and Eggs; #4 – Caesar Salad with Meatballs; #5 – Lamb Salad with Arugula and Raspberry Vinaigrette; #8 – Juicy Steak & Tomato Salad; #10 – Thai Grilled Beef Salad; #14 – Ham & Cheese on Rye Bread Salad. (This last salad sounds a little bit like a cheeseburger creation equivalent on Bob Belcher’s Specials’ Board from Bob’s Burgers — one of my favorite shows. A little humor.)


15 Salads That We’d Be Happy to Eat for Dinner | Food & Wine

Halloween Recipes | Recipes, Dinners and Easy Meal Ideas | Food Network

For some very spooky, scary times, leave this lying around the dining room table for anyone, oh, you know, watching their weight, carrying around a meter of any kind, needing assistance walking around for weight problems — you know, generally getting on your nerves and needing a sweeter start in life…. Oh no! What have I said?! Or not, maybe just be selfish and keep it to yourself!

Stuffed Candy Corn Cake

Halloween Recipes | Recipes, Dinners and Easy Meal Ideas | Food Network