The Best Ever Coconut Pie Recipe


The Best Ever Coconut Pie Recipe


Crepe Cannelloni with Meat Sauce

This is a nice alternative to the traditional white sauce crepe cannelloni posted just below today (re-blogged, I mean; and today is 08/01/2019).

I am not really willing to suggest how you eat your Italian dishes; everyone sees the table differently and I cannot claim to be an expert at what I love so much for myself to enjoy. I like the white sauce crepe cannelloni with a light chicken dinner — like drummies panned in oily gristle, whatever recipe that is: it’s something you find and make in your own kitchen. And salad. If I see salad on every single dinner table, every single night, I’m happy that someone in the dining room is successful.


Crepe Cannelloni with Meat Sauce

Just Another Summer Tomato Spaghetti Sauce – Almost “Crudaiola”

Frascati Cooking That's Amore

A “crudaiola” sauce (pronounced croo-dah-yo-lah in English) is essentially a sauce that is made up of raw ingredients.  This pasta recipe is almost raw.  It’s cooked very little.  It is a take on a classic Italian tomato sauce made with fresh tomatoes when in season.


The word for uncooked in Italian is “crudo”.  So, I’m thinking that the word “crude” in English must somehow be embroiled etymologically with this … who knows how or why.  Of course, the Ancient Greeks called everyone who was not Greek a “Barbarian” and barbarians were known NOT to cook their food.  Can we hence assume that the Italian “crudo” (uncooked) had something to do with the English “crude” (i.e. unsophisticated) ?

Understated in the extreme as this recipe may be, there is nothing unsophisticated about it whatsover.  And as with the luxury of understated and refined goods, the secret lies in the quality of…

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Pasta Ulrika following on Pasta Camilla

Frascati Cooking That's Amore

Here we are.  I seem to be having a courgette/zucchine obsession.  Well, in my defence, they ARE everywhere this time of year and you know what they say, when life hands you lemons, make Limoncello … no no no.  When life presents courgettes, find a way of making them interesting.


Some fresh chilli for instance.  As in the above photo.

2 (2)

Since I am making pasta, I know I shall want some grated cheese – and I opt for a mixture of pecorino and parmesan.  There is no one about wanting to help me grate the cheeses so I choose to cheat.   This is not the best way to grate cheese because it can’t be fine enough.  But it was fine enough for me that evening.


What you see are eight slices of thinly sliced (by my butcher) of guanciale, pork jowl.  If anything can make a pasta dish more ‘interesting’…

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