Pastitsio (Greek Pasta Bake) by The Hungry Bites – The Pappas Post


Pastitsio (Greek Pasta Bake) by The Hungry Bites – The Pappas Post


50 Pasta Recipes from Around the World | Taste of Home

Taste of Home | Pasta Dishes from Around the World

Well, an interesting turn of events.

As I announced this morning I’d found no Labor Day recipes, I then found Labor Day recipes. Wonderful!

By that time, I had already decided on posting Sept. 1st New Year posts as explained in the earlier posts regarding Pastitsio. And those posts to be primarily about pasta.

Well I found everything I never expected to & that’s a very good thing.

So I’m posting what bounty I have now that have no pictures for me to attach. (All these links have picture pages of course.)

And later in the day, I will finish out Bounty’s total plan for my blog this weekend, with pictured posts.

Very well then, Happy Labor Day & Sept. 1st New Year again!

Greek Lasagne (Pastitsio) Recipe | Saveur (and others)

I didn’t have any specific post plans for the Labor Day Weekend this year. (I sometimes go to town on national holidays with recipe posts on my Facebook Page in prior years, but even so, I just couldn’t find a work list for this Labor Day in specifics, so I consider my work done in retrospect of summer grill recipes to date.)

And besides all that & coincidentally, I found an article on Pastitsios, specifically the World Renown Largest Pastitsio in New York City.

I thought I might post those articles below today (Aug. 31, 2019) and take off on a list of Pastitsio recipes from around the web separately & call it a Labor Day Pasta Weekend, come what may.

September 1st signifies the relevance of New Beginnings to me, contrary to the ideal that Spring means the same to most people. Spring to me, releasing Winter’s frosts means the end of the “fresh spring” of the invigorating thrill of cold weather & a weird death from the biting torment of unkind heat indexes & its disastrous, limiting & disastrous courses in everyday life. (I know it’s opposition to most people.) And when autumn makes its way back into the world’s notices, with promises of spring like cool air & all the burning leaves & grasses finding their rest in invigorating expiration, I look around and see people waking up from the slumber of their rage of unrealistic dreams in superhuman endeavors which summer heat provokes and I’m glad to notice realism coming back in sight of the world. The world seems renewed, replenished, invigorated, complete and a new year of beginnings & possibilities takes off.

Labor Day is a week long secret New Year time of year that means all that to me in private. I try to share my zeal for it a little bit every year, but I loose most people when later as the season strolls by & the bite of frost tastes its way through nature again claiming the full domain of it, and trying people & creatures too, I tell a better story of the exciting news that soon Winter will take us on its great journey on Autumn’s Concordance with it.

So this is New Years to me, whether it has a Jewish or Catholic or Muslim or Krishna or Pagan theme or not.

I begin with Saveur. I might focus on pastas this weekend. Pasta & any new year or commencement are a tradition together in many cultures, mine as well of course (Italian; but that’s pasta & any day, so).

And there will be more Pastitsio from other websites during today. I’m on my phone this morning so I can’t get a picture together, but that’s how it is.