20 Creamy, Dreamy Hummus Recipes – Bon Appétit Recipe | Bon Appétit

Here are a few hummus recipes to keep meanwhile. They have no burgers or anything else attached to them. But remarkably, I forget that there are also red pepper vegan burgers, red beet vegan burgers, mushroom vegan burgers and soy bean vegan burgers besides the more typically found and marketed chickpea burgers, eggplant burgers, avocado burgers, black-eyed pea burgers and so on.

What I used to think was whatever anyone meant by vegetable burgers, was a large, sturdy bun filled up with grilled vegetables by choice of course, smothered in some kind of delicious sauce and topped with the rest of the bun; so it was dripping good fun maybe with some tomato and lettuce condiment or pickled vegetable spread.

You know: grilled squash, grilled eggplant, grilled tomato topped with burrata and cucumbers, grilled avocado, grilled artichoke, grilled asparagus or grilled beans chopped with tomatoes and cucumbers, maybe; you know and combinations of the kind.

And I thought it was so funny that fast food chains would make it their problem to grill, freeze and reheat & re-plate grilled vegetables and condiments on buns. But then I realized that wasn’t the thing they did.

That was quite a long time ago, but I still remember it. I was all for that. Seriously, I still believe vegan burgers per se belong on a separate fast food marquee, than on a burger and sandwiches menu. But I have already presented my ideas on that on today’s posts.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful to find a list of all of these great burgers and the vegan sides that could be their partners in a complete fast food restaurant of their own? It would, I think so.

So I’m done with this subject today, except that, I still have to find some ciabatta recipes and maybe recipes for chopped salad to finishing proving my point to myself about better vegan alternatives on the burger side.


20 Creamy, Dreamy Hummus Recipes – Bon Appétit Recipe | Bon Appétit