18 Better-with-Bacon Dinners – BettyCrocker.com


18 Better-with-Bacon Dinners – BettyCrocker.com


Smoked Salmon w/ Spicy Smoked Cherry Sauce

Two & A Knife

So today was interesting to say the least. We got a new smoker! I went from a small electric with wood chips to a big boy one pretty much overnight. It was intimidating to say the least. I was tasked with smoking a giant salmon filet. I’ll be honest i was quiet apprehensive because I’ve never done it before and salmon isn’t exactly the cheapest fish in the sea and id say I’m a beginner to solo smoking things. I’ve salt cured it, Pan seared it, baked it but never smoked it myself. So in the back of my head I’m always telling myself do not over smoke this fish. You know that kind of smoke that you cant taste your food it taste like you’re sitting in the smoker eating it? The kind of smoke that you go out to restaurants just so its done right? That kind of…

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