Teriyaki Salmon Bowl – Simply Sundays

A bowl of Teriyaki marinated pan seared salmon with sauteed carrots, bok choy , red peppers and edamame over quinoa with chopsticks over a blue tablecloth


Teriyaki Salmon Bowl – Simply Sundays


Savory Zuccotto fish appetizer without cooking – Giallo Zafferano Blog

This recipe is a huge national classic. I’m not sure that’s well known, so I just thought I’d say it. It is very heavy on the fish taste (nothing subdued about it) with all the cheeses wrapped around the countering list of fish(es) and you might want to keep it in mind; sort of for the anchovy and herring lover, not necessarily for the ordinary fish lover. Otherwise, excellent choice! (You eat it with your favorite crusty breads, herbed or oiled chipped bread flat, caviar (also maybe) or high-class crackers (like Triscuits). It’s a pre-dinner table snack.


Savory Zuccotto fish appetizer without cooking – Giallo Zafferano Blog

Yellow Fin Tuna Burgers – Maroscooking

Although I like chickpea burgers, or whatever the new Impossible Burgers are that I haven’t tried; and I like eggplant burgers, or whatever the new Impossible Burgers are that I haven’t tried; I think a better vegan alternative burger would be a tuna burger (this is a really gourmet example of one, but all the same), except that fast food chains would just call it an alternative fish burger, so no deal there. Why can’t they just have veggie burgers that are a lot of vegetables, or a chopped salad, topped on top of ciabatta bread?


Yellow Fin Tuna Burgers – Maroscooking

Recipe Tuna belly cutlets – Yellow Zafferano recipe

Not sure if it’s difficult to get Tuna Belly, but I see that it’s well known enough that there must be some way to finally find it in a fish store. It’s a very tender fish anyway. (My gourmet past allows me to say this on behalf of there having been other people interested in the purveyorship of precious goods like this. But I myself, haven’t seen it in the ordinary fish section of the store. I would guess that a regular fishmonger shop would be able to find it and order it.)


Recipe Tuna belly cutlets – Yellow Zafferano recipe

Fish in leek sauce – Fish

(Lampuga is mahi-mahi, so I suppose if you are not into the mahi-mahi you could replace the lampuga with whatever you are replacing mahi-mahi with; online suggestions are cod, halibut, flounder, snapper and grouper. Myself I never look a mahi-mahi gift-horse in the mouth, so I consider it a time to be grateful for delicious fish; however, I usually prefer pike then if it was going to be mahi-mahi. However, pike in leek sauce is probably not everyone’s thing, in which case, I suggest that only for the die-hard fish-lovers, not the salmon crowd you find of non-believers in whole fish as a staple food. (I hope my bigotry is rankle here, because I should post this on Facebook where I say these kinds of things, but I wanted to include it here and I just couldn’t quit my salmon rant for this blog, but I’ll end it here.) In any case of the absurd things I say on Facebook and why I don’t talk much on my blog, let this be an example, I seriously thought this is one of those excellent recipes to keep forever.)

Now also, Taggiasca Olives are actually a type and not a brand, so to make this actual dish, you have to buy just those olives by name and they are marketed everywhere online you search for them.

An explanation of them is here:

Taggiasca Olives explained in brief

And a look at a brand of them online is at amazon’s link below.



Fish in leek sauce – Fish

Amazon Grocery Taggiasca Olives (purchase online)