Soy burger: the recipe for second vegan dishes

Well I was wrong, there was another post on the vegan-fast-food-in-burger-diners-topic. I found this in my email after I thought I had closed up my blogging and re-posting for today.

These are soybean burgers. I think that soybean burgers are a better composition for base ingredient than the seedy, greasy kind of thing that you get with vegan burgers, typically — it’s not industry safe grease to use to much mineral-plant based natural oils with the burger and chicken and even fish fats and potato grease that goes into the material composition of a typical fast food burger restaurant. Mineral oils in vegan burgers are  uncharted in the fast food industry and before the influence could be determined it might take a decade or more; whereas, any ordinary kitchen test would indicate that the two combinations are antithetical and should be kept separate. Vegans themselves often complain of all the grease they get from taking their vegetable main ingredients and combining them into pulp for a made burger form, especially after frying, let alone in baking.

Soybean burgers are more able for the meat and non-plant protein business in the fact of the oils that can work together, plant to meat. It’s an opinion, but I believe it could be held true.

Furthermore, this basic soybean burger form here from one of my favorite Italian commerce recipe sites, Primo Chef (Italian equivalent of Mr. Food), is very able for diversity. I would guess that if you combined many or any of those fantastic hummus recipes we find later on today’s reblog posts on CPR here, that you could come up with some radical vegan burger flavors that were healthy and also interesting to the fast food sales industry’s success; which should all be considered factoral in consideration. And for the case of satisfaction, where consumers are concerned; so, really, you might still have an eggplant or avocado or red beet, or even peanut burger or polpetta (croquette), but, you’d have it in a safe soybean base.

Now I think I have finished and will close for today.

Happy Weekend! (I will probably return over the weekend with usual topics.)


Soy burger: the recipe for second vegan dishes