Fish in leek sauce – Fish

(Lampuga is mahi-mahi, so I suppose if you are not into the mahi-mahi you could replace the lampuga with whatever you are replacing mahi-mahi with; online suggestions are cod, halibut, flounder, snapper and grouper. Myself I never look a mahi-mahi gift-horse in the mouth, so I consider it a time to be grateful for delicious fish; however, I usually prefer pike then if it was going to be mahi-mahi. However, pike in leek sauce is probably not everyone’s thing, in which case, I suggest that only for the die-hard fish-lovers, not the salmon crowd you find of non-believers in whole fish as a staple food. (I hope my bigotry is rankle here, because I should post this on Facebook where I say these kinds of things, but I wanted to include it here and I just couldn’t quit my salmon rant for this blog, but I’ll end it here.) In any case of the absurd things I say on Facebook and why I don’t talk much on my blog, let this be an example, I seriously thought this is one of those excellent recipes to keep forever.)

Now also, Taggiasca Olives are actually a type and not a brand, so to make this actual dish, you have to buy just those olives by name and they are marketed everywhere online you search for them.

An explanation of them is here:

Taggiasca Olives explained in brief

And a look at a brand of them online is at amazon’s link below.



Fish in leek sauce – Fish

Amazon Grocery Taggiasca Olives (purchase online)