Antiquities | Christie’s

This is a beautiful catalogue of ancient antiquities being auctioned off by Christie’s.


Antiquities | Christie’s


Art in Tune | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“It’s the MFA like you’ve never seen—or heard—it before! The Museum’s musical instrument collection comes to life and fills the galleries with spectacular sound during this evening of free performances. Wander the Museum, drop in to different galleries, and discover music from all over the world—much of it played on instruments from the collection. Performances take place in galleries relating to the eras and culture of the instruments, creating an immersive experience you don’t want to miss.”

November 14, 2019

Art in Tune | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

IFC Center

This week at IFC Calendar here.

IFC Center – NYC

(I just can’t do it. Stay off my own blog because I am so mad. But I’m going to, also because I am so mad. Any and all of these movies also look good meanwhile. And my television service is completely on the blink. After spending a year preparing to sing the praises of IPTV and singing them, I have nothing to say, but Xtream Codes API is blinking sets everywhere and you can barely watch 5 random channels a day! Not happy.)

There I have contributed to my own page, since I’m the only one allowed to. But I don’t know when I will again. Probably not until next week, unless there’s more museum/film news I want to share.

Film Finder – Milwaukee Film Festival | Milwaukee Film

Because some cities and their Film Festivals (like the annual Fall Milwaukee Film Festival) is such an over-bearing, callous sophisticates party, that sometimes — all you can think about is wanting to be a simpleton who’s into being trendy and having a good time again.

Seriously, this is a big important Film Festival (close to me) and I am never able to go to it, year after year — it never works out for me, it may as well be a Gala Night at the Guggenheim!

But deserves trendy museum-ish mention anyway.

Laid back museum news — that’s what I like!


Film Finder – Milwaukee Film Festival | Milwaukee Film

Boston Women’s Film Festival | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Trendy movie fixes your necessary thing in life for feeling like you’re a real person? Then besides IFC in NYC, there’s the MFA in Boston, or I should have said, BC (Boston City). Well, anyway, falling in or falling out of trends, all things seem hopeful for some good times or a plan for one.

Film Schedule | Museum of Fine Arts Boston (happening now)

Boston Women’s Film Festival | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Drink These 25 Bottles and Become a Wine Master | Food & Wine

I find — I shouldn’t say this because it talks about my own pretensions to knowing things that I truly know that I don’t. But for the experience, I find that, in making menu suggestions every week of my life for one reason or another, and not knowing how to pair liquors or wines of any kind (this is a lifelong curse, belonging to my determinism not to drink alone or ever really), that, the request I get the most often for pairing is a very deep, thick red (would you believe it?) of any quality really or else a very light, almost soda-ey bianco, nothing ever in between. Well okay. Something learned.

Drink These 25 Bottles and Become a Wine Master | Food & Wine

An Elephant Sitting Still | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This is from movie sourcing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Dinner and a Movie I guess is my theme today. I keep forgetting that I also get email from museums and movies at museums and recipe blogs that include cookbooks and that I have categories for those things.

So I will try to remember. This movie looked very interesting. I sort of wish I could go see it — but I can’t. (I make it sound like I could go to see it. I will leave that to remain ambiguous.)

An Elephant Sitting Still | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Study Runes!

As I am working on stories which are constantly referring the fate of the characters by rune stones — I am not writing the fiction of it, I am reporting the past fictions of other writers, as a writer myself — I am intrigued to know so little of rune stones and their importance in communicating spiritual values and language to hungry wanderers on earth and in story. So, I googled the phrase, “study runes online” and I came up with interesting resources. Here below are two online courses in rune stones and the third part includes very beautiful Celtic-like instrumental songs. All three recommend study resources.

I thought this was an interesting diversion to make known!

Rune Journeys

Gnostic Teachings

Rune Secrets

The World’s Largest Bird Sculpture Doubles as the Roof of a Building

This looks just glorious. There are other instagram pictures in the article. But, the story of the noble (“divine”) bird is just awful and I have to look up what happened to him. He is a symbol of the world at the end I think and the thief or thieves which come late in the play to destroy the world once it has the chance to survive — the clue how is with the earth itself, which the bird, here, you will see, lies prone on top of, still willing to scream out and fight for.


The World’s Largest Bird Sculpture Doubles as the Roof of a Building