Love Gumbo! This Super Shrimp, Okra And Andouille Smoked Sausage Gumbo Is Over The Top – The 2 Spoons

Buy Pork Lard for your Kitchen Recipes at Farm Food Online Delivered

I wanted to check where you could easily buy pork lard or if it is something you might have a hard time finding. You know that I love finding ingredients that I think must be difficult to find and that are not; so I shopped pork lard this morning and found it online available at Walmart as Pork Fat (have never noticed that, but they also have pork lard), and also at stores called Crowd Cow, iHerb, Web Restaurant Store (all online) and Amazon. I also found it at another online shop named Farm Food, so I decided to include the link to it for that shop, since the shop seemed rather attractive. Not that the other shops weren’t attractive, I decided to feature Farm Food as my favorite. (I have also included Farm Food as a shop link on my sidebar links as of today: September 14, 2019.) Notably, Armor Lard is available almost anywhere and still another suggestion might be to check your local grocer’s delivery of it through Instacart if you’re not interested in putting it in your regular shopping line up. (Some people don’t like to break their ordinary lists to buy special goods at the store; I totally understand.)

However, I have to note, this delicious gumbo can also be made with vegetable oil or regular lard, yes. But we’ve covered all the bases all the same.

Love Gumbo! This Super Shrimp, Okra And Andouille Smoked Sausage Gumbo Is Over The Top – The 2 Spoons


Zucchini and turmeric risotto: the gluten-free first course recipe

Growing up, I remember enjoying the Fourth of July Grill at home and having some Italian dinner sides kitchen cooked indoors. Risotto for later in the evening is one of my favorites! Thought I would post it, also because it seems to coincide and anyway, I wanted to post some summer zucchini recipes. So I did. There are more, later on down this day’s page.

Happy Zucchini Fourth of July!


Zucchini and turmeric risotto: the gluten-free first course recipe

🍛 Grapefruit Rice recipe | How to make Grapefruit Rice

Well I wasn’t sure, but another person at this same table, enjoys a good grapefruit rice. I think this means coconuts or else heavy citrus. Okay, my life will be very interesting from now on. Well, live and learn. (That was a joke.) No, I would never ask anyone not to eat their coconut rice and I never will; that is something I have to stay away from along with the other fruit and salt dishes. No problem, I can keep my hands to myself.

(I have no picture to transfer.)

🍛 Grapefruit Rice recipe | How to make Grapefruit Rice

Recipe Risotto with asparagus and raspadura – Yellow Zafferano recipe

Haven’t I told the story about being Italian on my blog here? Oh, then, yes, I’m Italian. I tell that story a lot — I mean, a lot, on my Facebook page, it seems kind of weird telling it here. It’s not really the kind of professional blog I’m keeping where you’d say those kind of things. Also I’m not really a professional Italian they way you’d think someone with professional blog intentions would make themselves seem, like I know everything about being Italian. Quite on the contrary. I don’t. My story is rather science fiction-ey and so I keep it clean to the pages of Facebook where I see those kinds of thoughts transpiring about being Italian and also American or also not being sure if there were ever Martians in ancient Italy. It just goes on from there, including beliefs about Greeks who sailed ships in prehistory and colonized America. But I say that often everywhere else I can.

I am hoping people will enjoy the same kinds of recipes that I do since I don’t cook and so I try to choose interesting ones. My Facebook page is usually a sad slaughter of recipes daily that are difficult for people to get to over many weeks and so the blog archives them well.

The reason why I didn’t want to do this earlier is because I don’t feel like saying things on a blog that I would on my Facebook page, as I’ve said.

So yes, I am Italian.


Recipe Risotto with asparagus and raspadura – Yellow Zafferano recipe