Butcherbox Changing Way People Buy Eat Meat – ButcherBox

I forgot to advertise Butcher Box on my Blog Site here. I wish I knew how to set up an ad on my Blog Site — actually I do. I need to spend some time pinning some staple ad sites. I feel it’s best. I really think that using ground meats in your regular diet regularizes your use of both meats and vegetables and other food substances, separating out the heavy meats from the heap.

I’ve always appreciated Butcher Box’s dedication to meat sales to everyone who signs up properly for their offers. Grocery shopping can be hard work sometimes, having to pay attention to whatever is out there that’s good.


Butcherbox Changing Way People Buy Eat Meat – ButcherBox


Pasta for breakfast is good for your health – SheKnows

This morning early I found a Wall Street Journal article from the food and features section which gave a recipe for Breakfast Lasagna. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get it to reprint it without a Wall Street Journal digital subscription. (Am I slamming online news magazines that advertise good articles that might help people find things they want to know on the internet and find their ways with searching topics? Yes, a little bit. While everyone else gives away free articles, newspapers, can never find it in their hearts to choose what articles they are going to send to google search for finding and to allow for free read-throughs of the entire articles. That’s a little deceitful and openly self-seeking and my respect for some newspapers is dwindled on that account. Anyway…. but that’s not just the WSJ.)

So I searched for Breakfast Lasagna on my own and put up five posts earlier today. In the meanwhile, I didn’t have a story for Breakfast Lasagna (because of newspaper policies) and I found this article which everyone CAN read, which explains that breakfast pasta might be healthy, period.

I thought it was a nice thought.


Pasta for breakfast is good for your health – SheKnows

Fisher Nuts | Recipes | Baked Ham with Honey Walnut Glaze

Today was a great find day for me with the Fischer’s Nuts site.

(I even told my friend who helps me with my book publishing, that, I thought Perkins Restaurant Chain is traditional but outdated and that the list of recipes at Fischer’s Nuts Company would make an excellent replacement! Really, their recipe book is truly exciting. Just an opinion to make a point in comparison of some awesome menu recipes.)

Well, today, as I have been thinking for some time, I put together an autumn list of recipes — these were all from Fischer’s Nut Company, except for a very few from the beginning of today. (And for future reference, today is 08/18/2019.)

All I can say is, I feel proud of myself. I had a few more things to say about autumn in praise of possibly my favorite season, but then I thought to keep it to myself, but this will explain the early start.

I don’t really get any of this list to be a good list for Labor Day, although some items might fit and fulfill, however, I see it as a very happy list for the months afterwards, especially October and November, which aren’t yet filled with the holiday fury that follows after.

This is truly my favorite time of year approaching and so I wanted to celebrate it in advance some on my blog!

Thank you for participating!



Fisher Nuts | Recipes | Baked Ham with Honey Walnut Glaze