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So. Based on yesterday’s posts, I am going to extend Chinese Christmas to include also more ethnic dishes besides Asian/Chinese, beginning with Italian Pizza Christmas, like what is the page of this link here.

It is just an addition I thought of in order to give my blog some more topic during the month of December and early January. Also because, I’m not sure if I will actually never post anything but ethnic recipe re-blogs. So for that matter, if I do end up posting a recipe or recipes which is (are) in the mainstream of ordinary and well-known fare, it won’t stand out too much; like pot roast and stew: I don’t think I can go on that many weeks without posting any pot roast or stews.

But this also let’s me add again that my other WordPress Blog, BIA (Brut Imperial Antarctica) — you can just search it in the WordPress Reader in your account — will have posts of continued general recipe re-blogs, that have no real direction or any intention besides food & recipes daily or weekly.


Pizza Pizzaz Salad

Christmas Pizza Menu | Better Homes & Gardens


9 Crazy Delicious Reasons You Need to Try Pasta for Breakfast | Better Homes & Gardens

Well I seem to have made a mistake in the Huff Post article below today (09/06/2019), about Breakfast Pastas. The Italian Pastas at the bottom of the page were not extras, but they were the suggestions! Amazing! I would never have the confidence to suggest that even if I would believe it might be something possibly delicious to have.

(I suppose I’ve suggested pasta for breakfast several times on my Facebook page, but I’m particularly uninhibited on that site and otherwise, where uniform inhibitions stand, I doubt I would be the person to say it originally. Someone else made all these suggestions today, but it is one of my favorite food topics: pasta for breakfast and the possibility of it.)

So for the matter that I have made a mistake and that I also believe those 22 Italian Pastas might not be exactly breakfast material, but why not try them all sometime as dinner leftovers for breakfast? I’ve found another article in which the pastas have been dished up for the early morning meal intentionally. (I completely misunderstood Huff Posts’ lacking inhibition.)


9 Crazy Delicious Reasons You Need to Try Pasta for Breakfast | Better Homes & Gardens