Caprese Pie Recipe – Yellow Zafferano Recipe

The rest of us have to sit at home and eat chocolate cake.


Caprese Pie Recipe – Yellow Zafferano Recipe


Film Finder – Milwaukee Film Festival | Milwaukee Film

Because some cities and their Film Festivals (like the annual Fall Milwaukee Film Festival) is such an over-bearing, callous sophisticates party, that sometimes — all you can think about is wanting to be a simpleton who’s into being trendy and having a good time again.

Seriously, this is a big important Film Festival (close to me) and I am never able to go to it, year after year — it never works out for me, it may as well be a Gala Night at the Guggenheim!

But deserves trendy museum-ish mention anyway.

Laid back museum news — that’s what I like!


Film Finder – Milwaukee Film Festival | Milwaukee Film

Boston Women’s Film Festival | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Trendy movie fixes your necessary thing in life for feeling like you’re a real person? Then besides IFC in NYC, there’s the MFA in Boston, or I should have said, BC (Boston City). Well, anyway, falling in or falling out of trends, all things seem hopeful for some good times or a plan for one.

Film Schedule | Museum of Fine Arts Boston (happening now)

Boston Women’s Film Festival | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston