Potato and cheese gateau – Vegetable dishes

Cacciotta is cheese that is the same as cacciola, a Tuscan cheese.


Potato and cheese gateau – Vegetable dishes


Pea bean soup – Soups

Just for the saying so, taccole (plural of taccola) are those flat, or even puffy not flat, green beans that have pods in them; I guess you’d call them snow pea pods, but they aren’t really the same, because they are not as sweet, but they are also not very bitter.

I can’t seem to find an English change of name for them, but they can be found under “green beans” in the store, you just have to look around the for kind that have peas in the long pods and that are flattened at birth. You can use the puffy kind, but this recipe wants the flat ones.

Pea and bean soup – Soups