19 Really Good Excuses to Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies – BettyCrocker.com

They all look great!

19 Really Good Excuses to Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies – BettyCrocker.com


9 Crazy Delicious Reasons You Need to Try Pasta for Breakfast | Better Homes & Gardens

Well I seem to have made a mistake in the Huff Post article below today (09/06/2019), about Breakfast Pastas. The Italian Pastas at the bottom of the page were not extras, but they were the suggestions! Amazing! I would never have the confidence to suggest that even if I would believe it might be something possibly delicious to have.

(I suppose I’ve suggested pasta for breakfast several times on my Facebook page, but I’m particularly uninhibited on that site and otherwise, where uniform inhibitions stand, I doubt I would be the person to say it originally. Someone else made all these suggestions today, but it is one of my favorite food topics: pasta for breakfast and the possibility of it.)

So for the matter that I have made a mistake and that I also believe those 22 Italian Pastas might not be exactly breakfast material, but why not try them all sometime as dinner leftovers for breakfast? I’ve found another article in which the pastas have been dished up for the early morning meal intentionally. (I completely misunderstood Huff Posts’ lacking inhibition.)


9 Crazy Delicious Reasons You Need to Try Pasta for Breakfast | Better Homes & Gardens

Pasta for breakfast is good for your health – SheKnows

This morning early I found a Wall Street Journal article from the food and features section which gave a recipe for Breakfast Lasagna. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get it to reprint it without a Wall Street Journal digital subscription. (Am I slamming online news magazines that advertise good articles that might help people find things they want to know on the internet and find their ways with searching topics? Yes, a little bit. While everyone else gives away free articles, newspapers, can never find it in their hearts to choose what articles they are going to send to google search for finding and to allow for free read-throughs of the entire articles. That’s a little deceitful and openly self-seeking and my respect for some newspapers is dwindled on that account. Anyway…. but that’s not just the WSJ.)

So I searched for Breakfast Lasagna on my own and put up five posts earlier today. In the meanwhile, I didn’t have a story for Breakfast Lasagna (because of newspaper policies) and I found this article which everyone CAN read, which explains that breakfast pasta might be healthy, period.

I thought it was a nice thought.


Pasta for breakfast is good for your health – SheKnows

Beautiful Challah


Beautiful Challah

There are two kind of bread that are our favorites: the first one is the Swiss Zopf (see link for the recipe) and the second is the challah bread of this post.

I Wikipedia we can read that challah is also named “Zopf” in Switzerland, this is absolutely not exact because while Challah is usually parve (I did not know what parve means and I found that parve is a Hebrew term that describes food without any meat or dairy ingredients; food can be eaten with both meat and milk dishes) unlike brioche and other enriched European breads as the Swiss Zopf, which contain butter or milk.

In any case Zopf and Challah look very similar (both braided and golden color), are soft and are lightly sweetened. For us the most important thing is that both breads are delicious with honey (we are beeper) and with homemade jams! I like…

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Twisted Cherry Chocolate Bread


Twisted Cherry Chocolate Bread 6

Last year was a berries year for us, spring is here and we still have a lot of cherries in the freezer.

I took I package out of the freezer and placed it over a colander in the kitchen to defrost. During this time I made my search for a new recipe, something completely new to use these delicious fruits.

Finally I find the solution I needed, not a recipe from the internet or from the books, since a combination of many ideas.

  • The dough from an apple bread
  • Adding cacao powder and more sugar to the recipe
  • Making the dough dairy free: oil instead of butter
  • Using the liquid of the cherries instead of milk for the dough (no waste, diary free)
  • New kind of filling: I love the combination of cherries and cinnamon¨
  • Glazing the bread with a clear glaze first to make it shine
  • Creating a new…

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Puff Pancake with Honey-Apple Filling


Puff Pancake with Honey-Apple Filling 6

A long time ago I saw for the first time a picture of puffed pancakes. I can’t remember for how I long I saved the recipe before trying it, but finally today I did it.

The recipe is very simple and the recipe not too heavy. In this version I described how to prepare in the pancake in the oven, but you are free to prepare this in the skillet; in this case you will need a second skillet for the filling.

The filling is a combination of the ingredients from the garden and the honey of our bees, but you can follow the pancake recipe and fill it as you like it: with caramelized pears, peaches or other fruits or simply with fresh berries and whipped cream.

If you have smaller molds you can try to prepare smaller single pancakes. I can imagine that a vol-au-vents filling would fit…

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Kolokythokeftedes – Greek Zucchini and Feta Balls

I think that the ouzo is just orzo. Pretty sure, I looked it up.



The surprising warm sunny evening of the first spring days was perfect for this kind of meal: zucchini balls with their herbed smell, yogurt sauce, fresh tomatoes and homemade bread (thawed in the oven just before serving) and some Greek wine make us feel at least a little bit like in vacations on Crete. Perhaps a frugal but wonderful tasty dinner!

Note: I know that these zucchini balls are usually fried and served as fritters, but as I don’t like the oily smells in the kitchen, I prefer to bake them in the oven; this works pretty well and it is easier to have them ready at once when you need them.

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Zucchini Pie of Chania –Chaniotico Boureki



This is a traditional recipe from Crete (Greece) that needs some time to cook, but it’s really easy and can be prepared in advance. As side dish or as full meal this pie is always welcome!

There are many variation of this: some with puff pastry, some with a simple crust and even some without crust! Mint makes this dish very particular and it gives a wonderful taste.

Feel free to change the proportion of the ingredient on your taste or on what available.

My children loved to order this in the restaurant, now we can prepare this at home.


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Chicken Vol-Au-Vent with Mushrooms


Chicken Vol Au Vent with Mushrooms

This very versatile recipe is one of the favorites of my children. Feel free to adapt it to your ingredients.

To the filling you can add some vegetables (not only the mushrooms!) like carrots, peas or broccoli. An alternative to vol-au-vent cases are fillo baskets. Instructions: Cut fillo sheets into quarters and layer diagonally in greased ramekins, spraying or brushig with olive oil in between layers – 4 squares for each ramekin dish if the sheets are very thin (like fillo for baklava) or 2 squares if they are thicker (like fillo for boureki). Spray or brush again before cooking at 250°F/180°C for in the oven for more or less 8-10 minutes.

Note: For a vegetarian version skip the chicken and simply use more veggies. For example the double quantity of mushrooms. Chanterelle mushrooms are wonderful for this recipe.

You need

  • 8 (200 g) vol-au-vent cases
  • 1 tablespoon margarine
  • 1…

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Italian Dancing Chicken in the Oven


This is my variation of the “dancing chicken” recipe on a beer tin. As we have wine in our house and plenty of fresh rosemary in the garden, we decided to change the recipe and prepare it with Mediterranean ingredients.

This fantastic cooking method allows the skin of the chicken to roast without being soaked by the liquid; at the same time, the wine in the can inserted into the belly of the chicken will keep the meat moist, tender and very aromatic.

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