Currant jam pancakes – Treats and crêpes


Currant jam pancakes – Treats and crêpes

Advertisement Electronics: 4K streaming devices for viewing IPTV subscriptions 

Since I often recommend even trying IPTV subscription alternatives to a full cable or satellite subscription, I thought I would provide a few links from Shopping Online. (Is there a physical store otherwise? — No, but a lot of the items online at Amazon connect with physical stores where you can also get the products offered online, so I thought to make the discretionary citation.)

Though you can play IPTV, depending on the service provider you choose and their sales delivery platform, on several kinds of devices including: desktop, laptop, phone and tablet, Mag boxes (just search mag box and you will find it), Fire Sticks, 4k Smart TVs, Kodi 4k boxes and any number of android boxes and other playstore-related app box auxiliaries for streaming to television monitors — I am focusing on 4K box auxiliaries for TV monitors (but excluding KODI 4k because I have no experience with that). Sadly and on a final introductory note, it isn’t known that Roku Boxes, Roku Sticks or even the new Roku Ultra 4k box, allows for IPTV streaming, lacking any and all apps for that kind of TV streaming through IPTV providers.

For the purpose of saying so, a 4k device allows consumers to know that their electronics have been pushed into the future of research with improvements over the prior generations of the same device-electronics. This is significant in saying that the overall performance, look, access and usability of the 4k field will be better than prior models of the same machine, whatever it is. This idea seems to hold true over all 4k boxes.

The term 4k was developed to specifically include and to mean, boxes designated specially to stream television media channels; whereas, prior boxes, not 4k, only held themselves in order of delivering app store apps to TV monitor usage, whether it included channel streaming or not. And since channel streaming has always been a parcel of TV app boxes, the point of 4k seems almost lost — except that it shows noticeable improvements to prior generations in ordinary usage. Noted.

I will not have a lot to define on each box, I am just presenting those 4K options I think are the best. (KODI is known to be an excellent alternative, however, as I said I know too little about it to point to it.)

Concerning the newer what might hopefully become an era of IPTV channel streaming and success in cord-cutting options, the 4k box field is a definite improvement over the usage of prior model TV auxiliary app boxes, whether they allow for streaming or not. The field medium of the 4k box holds itself relevant in reliable standards which allow for IPTV internet channel sources to have a secure transmission and follow through, which also helps in customer relations overall in the newer domain of TV consumerism. (And, in so far as that IPTV may also be viewed by browser streaming, 4k boxes generally have browser access, whereas earlier television streaming boxes, have no commitment to providing browser apps, whether they do or do not being an open question; which is an added benefit.)

(1)  APPLE TV 4K

This first box is the Apple TV 4k. Though Apple TV has 4 generations prior to the 4k experience, which some people call the 5th generation, the 4K box delivers the best and most reliable IPTV experience with many apps that are proven to work well enough to be the same as a cable or satellite subscription in quality and reliability given the source.

Apple TV 4K Box 64gb storage | Amazon Shopping Online

Early Disclaimer:

Later on, I will review some Android 4K TV boxes and I would like to add a primary disclaimer here that I recommend the Apple TV box, despite the fact that the Apple TV App Store has fewer apps than Google Play, to use overall, for an improved IPTV streaming experience in m3u streams.

Here is my prepared disclaimer.

(Please remember that ALL Apple TV boxes and Apple devices load apps from their own store, either the iTunes app store, or for TV boxes, the Apple TV App Store — and not from Google Play; and that, however, most necessary streaming apps available on Google Play are more than usually available on the Apple TV App Store; however, there is a much greater number of Google Play apps available to Android 4k boxes than to Apple TV apps for Apple 4k boxes — but it doesn’t affect overall performance; and overall, the m3u apps on Apple TV have a slightly significant overall improvement of user end clarity and finesse, whereas, the Android TV m3u apps, which are the same of name to either store, run somewhat more encumbered in versioning. It’s just to note it.)

(2)  Fire TV Cube (in 4K)

This box is relatively new and improves the media perspective and app store access from the ordinary Fire Stick, which is also available in 4k. It brings Fire TV into the future with more reliability and features than before.

Amazon Fire Cube 4k with extra features | Amazon Shopping Online

(Immediately here is a quick reference link for the Amazon 4k Fire Stick TV.)

Amazon 4k Fire Stick TV with Alexa (Very famous and requires no reference and nevertheless, I posted a remembrance of it.)

(3)  Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV 4k

I’m including Xiaomi Mi Android 4k Box with a grudge and that is because although, the excellent phone must be an excellent box (or must it be?) — the box storage capacity is topped at 8GB and I don’t consider that a valuable amount of space to enjoy anything in secured peace that might be available to run securely from the app store. Every app needing storage to run and to continue running, 8GB of space barely allows for very few apps to continue to run in surety of their tech. A 32gb or 64gb box is what you need to enjoy app boxes with TV streaming. So thumbs sideways, but notable.

Xiaomi MI Box 4k ULTRA HDR Streaming

(4) Other Android 4K streaming boxes

Beelink GT King TV Box Android

Beelink GT King TV Box Android 9.0 Amlogic S922X Hexa-core G52 MP6 Graphics 4GB DDR4 64GB ROM 2.4G + 5.8G WiFi Remote Control

As you can see by the shortened link description just here above, this android box is loaded with features and the latest in up-to-date google play store apps and android tech. It is also a 4k.

I suggest that in shopping for an android 4k box you check the google play store version. Try to stay up to date with at least an 8.1 version; 9.0 version being the latest google play store version device in 2019. A 7.0 version will not keep up to date of the latest technological updates to the device, though it will continue to play well enough; and for IPTV streaming purposes, nevertheless, it may affect your streaming time and playback quality because the apps from the store may or may not receive all the updates they need to be in top running order, being an older version.

A remote control in smart boxes of any kind is always a plus, but you also want to consider getting a USB wifi keyboard/mouse extension free of other uses for your 4k box, so that you can plug the USB to the box and have the freedom of navigating your box by a regular 11″ keyboard and mouse. This is a great convenience that requires little adjustments besides a small couch side table to use and stops the glitching that may or may not take place with navigating streaming channels or browser streaming or app usage because of the limitations of the remote control alone.

Beelink Mini-PC (an alternative to 4k)

Mini PC Beelink U55 Windows 10 Pro Intel Core I3 5005U Processor Intel HD Graphics 5500/8GB RAM+512GB SSD/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi/BT4.0/Fan (Supports Extended RAM & SSD) | Amazon Shopping Online

You shall call it: Mini-ME (and not a 4k), in such cases as follows.

For a notable diversion tactic with 4k streaming boxes, a Windows Mini-PC, as well as more than probably an Apple Mini-Mac, though I don’t have enough firsthand experience with the Apple of computer tech to be sure (though I’m sure of the probability by faith of the resemblance to the Windows device), will allow patrons of IPTV to forego the app store apps (like GSE, Smarters and other m3u stream apps) and to simply stream by internet browser security in a regular desktop/laptop environ — on your own TV monitor. A Mini-PC connects by HDMI (if it is in the latest generations) to your TV monitor.

Enough said on this, it’s just another pleasant option to freeing up your own computer from TV viewing hours and continuing to watch your shows on a TV monitor through the use of IPTV services. And the extra benefit is, you have, or would have if you purchased a Mini-PC, an extra, working computer lying around the house for whatever purpose it serves you.

(Rather expensive but also State of the Art:)

Apple Mac Mini Desktop Intel Core i5 2.5GHz (MD387LL/A), 16GB Memory, 512GB Solid State Drive, ThunderBolt | Amazon Shopping Online

After this, for more box alternatives, I will review two streaming boxes that are game streaming HD 4k boxes which do not offer any primary interface apps for m3u streaming or IPTV; however, the development forum exists in the fellowship of the community of these consumers and it is pretty well known that IPTV app downloads in android programs (I guess they mean apk), can be downloaded from IPTV download providers to these gaming boxes; what I am looking at afterwards in this respect is the Nvidia Shield TV 4k HDR Box and the PSVue 4k Box.

Moving on to more Android 4k boxes, from where we left off a minute ago.

The following boxes are pretty standard of all the qualities you want to look for, for top of the line performance in the field of m3u IPTV streaming from google play store apps.

Mecool TV Box 4k Android 9.0 64GB

Mecool TV Box, KM3 Android 9.0 4K TV Box with Voice Remote.DDR4/4GB/64GB Google Certified Media Player Support 2.4G/5G WiFi and BT4.0 or Above | Amazon Shopping Online

Having some second thoughts about leaving out so many excellent lower priced Android boxes that exist on the market; and having given all the discretion that I might to choosing and comparing 4k boxes and some of their options; and trying to promote the idea that IPTV is very viable and useful, however that it remains in the domain of research and development without statements that it has gone beyond the need of proof — it has not — I am inscribing a page link to a list of Amazon 4k Android boxes that are excellent in their own technological reputation and that also should be used and approached with carefulness, knowing that, there are in fact better viewing experiences, less cumbersome and less studious; however, these boxes deliver television at an excellent cost and with good sight to excellent viewing conditions through the use of IPTV apps like Smarters, GSE (my favorite), browser apks and other apps.

Please follow the following link to see this list generation today.

Android 4k Boxes | Amazon Shopping Online

The search I used was “Android 4k boxes 64gb” — this should be effective to restore the list to currency so long as this medium is in consumer availability, which it should be for at least another 5-10 years without question.

Then let’s close with Nvidia and PSVue.

(5) Nvidia Shield TV 4k Box Home Theater

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Smart Home Edition | 4K HDR Streaming Media Player with SmartThings Link | Amazon Shopping Online

Oh, there are other Nvidia Shield Boxes that you can buy, this is only one.

But I guess it would be too great of an experience to hope that after a long day working at your favorite games, you might flip over to another app and watch unlimited TV streamed from IPTV sources.

Maybe. (I’m not really sure.) There’s some hope actually, you might be able to now, or someday, do just this thing I’ve said: stream IPTV and play HD games on a console; and so I’ve included the pretty option for people who are buying gaming consoles anyway for their personal uses besides TV channels and who might also stream IPTV.

The rest of us will have to wonder.

I have no more to say, except that game developers might think that, IPTV users (and there are many), might increase their sales (with sales) if IPTV apps were possible to easily download on a gaming console like this.

Food for thought.

(6) Play Station 4 Console

(I refer to this as PSVue 4k, because sometimes it is also mentioned that way.)

Playstation 4 PRO 1 TB Console | Amazon Shopping Online

I only include this to mention the possibility. Though all gaming consoles connect to a smaller app store and include TV streaming apps from services that are not IPTVs, they might also, as I’ve said just above, include m3u link apps in some future, if there is not some way now to do it that is not clearly stated in articles about the topic.

Thank you for the read!