Savory Zuccotto fish appetizer without cooking – Giallo Zafferano Blog

This recipe is a huge national classic. I’m not sure that’s well known, so I just thought I’d say it. It is very heavy on the fish taste (nothing subdued about it) with all the cheeses wrapped around the countering list of fish(es) and you might want to keep it in mind; sort of for the anchovy and herring lover, not necessarily for the ordinary fish lover. Otherwise, excellent choice! (You eat it with your favorite crusty breads, herbed or oiled chipped bread flat, caviar (also maybe) or high-class crackers (like Triscuits). It’s a pre-dinner table snack.


Savory Zuccotto fish appetizer without cooking – Giallo Zafferano Blog


Ricetta Susumelle – La Ricetta di GialloZafferano

There’s cocoa and honey and cinnamon, sugar, water, milk and baking powder in this. That’s all. They could package them and sell them and make some money for the nation: Susumelle by Yellow Saffron Brands. (But they don’t. The nation probably isn’t collecting that way anyway. There are no girl scout commerce routes that way anymore: I’m kind of daffy.)


Ricetta Susumelle – La Ricetta di GialloZafferano

New Mexico Green Chile and Cheese Tamales Recipe | I am New Mexico

yummyumm in a pinch

. . Ingredients: Serves 12 6 cups masa harina 3 oz. New Mexico Green Chile 4 1/2 tsp baking powder 3 tsp salt 8 1/10 tbsp butter, room temperature 15 tbsp vegetable shortening 3/4 cup cheese 3 cup warm water 3 3/4 cups roasted corn Directions: Combine masa, baking powder, and salt in mixing bowl. Using the paddle attachment of an electric mixer, add butter, cheese, Green Chile and shortening. Mix at high speed for 3 minutes- add water and beat at low speed for 2 minutes. Scrape bowl and add corn – beat for 1 minute more. Wrap dough

Source: New Mexico Green Chile and Cheese Tamales Recipe | I am New Mexico

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