Chocolate Brownie Pecan Pie | Just A Pinch Recipes


Chocolate Brownie Pecan Pie | Just A Pinch Recipes


Mexican recipe collection |

This link is a list of 2265 Mexican Recipes from Recipe Land Group online. It is a great, great list, you do not want to miss if you are ever wondering how something basic in Mexican cuisine might be well handled and finished off in the kitchen. The ideas are simple and fresh and ordinary and useful and you can’t miss with fulfilling a Mexican table menu at any time with this enormous list of ideas.

But it’s a very long set of pages of course and unfortunately they do not allow you to search it independently, so without a specific title the course of it gets lost around the first 500 recipes if you’re patient. For whatever end it brings, an excellent keeper resource is available here.


Refried Beans

Mexican recipe collection |

Italian-style beef pot roast


Italian-style beef pot roast

For whoever like myself doesn’t remember what passata is, I got together a few links to clarify. You don’t want to cheapen your delicious pot roast with plain tomato sauce when the recipe asks for this passata (which, similar to the difference between treated flour or plain, cake flour) is a different branding of tomato sauce in its puree’d form. (I wish I was a good cook, so I could be more specific.)

So this link explains what I just said and then I got a couple other links together for reference besides.

What is the difference between tomato puree, paste and sauce? | Cooking Stack Exchange

Tomato Passata Recipe | Recipes From Italy

Tomato Passata | BBC Good Food

I have to mention this because Passata has a taste and texture that cannot be reduplicated with simplified tomato sauce forms which are uncultured and unprepared or uncooked. The lightness of the original form of the purified passata allows the induction product to become whatever it is supposed to without being ruined, whereas, other tomato forms or sauces would simply add sauce to the dish. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t complain about or make praises over the tomato textures of some Italian original dishes and this owes to the usage of the sauce preparations down to such small things as this — so it’s a universal culinary thought!

For that matter, pasta in passata (again I wish I was an expert), is rather brothy and passata is called for in pasta dishes only when there is going to be so much more oil-related induction in the dish over the pasta; otherwise, most passata sauce is made for protein related foods and not really starches without proteins.

Sour cherry and chocolate Panettone recipe – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

(Manitoba Flour just means cake flour. It’s the Italian overseas way to show the flour of ordinary baking use. We have a lot of differentiable flour arguments going on between us and even in commerce circles throughout Europe that are frowned upon in the Western Hemisphere, because they date back to feudal times for which the Westerners stand apart bemused with the implication that flour has to be a war. There were all sorts of food wars like never been seen before except in fables that Western Europeans and Eastern Hemispherics all together fought in so sadly, that, it is a lost cause to speak to newer nations or younger peoples about — that’s pretty much everyone in the Western Hemisphere. I hate being the person to say this. But people keep asking me to specify “Manitoba” flour. It’s a brand in Italy, also, I understand, but even if it is not, it refers to durable cake flour or whatever is your preferred baking flour; untreated per se. We do a lot of flour treatments at home and that explains why we point out whatever we mean in saying that.

(My other story on Manitoba Flour that I had on Facebook while back is that we had tried decades ago to get into the cake flour business in the west. So far only pasta is the selling point besides olive oil; and we had thought — we means Italian foreign industry — that Manitoba (Canada) was the best place to try to sell our bakery products. It failed to become — Manitoba Flour used to be a brand decades ago from Canada, made out of Italian foreign industry opportunity (I forget how we actually discuss ourselves abroad; it amazes me I would even mention it in a blog); and it seems to have failed after a while and we brought the brand back home for ourselves.)

So no worries!

This is a great bread for the holidays: Panettone! Any holiday actually but more than anything else — Christmas. Panettone is my Christmas ad for Italy every year, it is again this year. I will put it up again I know.


Cherry and Chocolate Panettone Recipe – Yellow Zafferano Recipe

Lemon-Rosemary-Garlic Chicken and Potatoes | The Yellow Pine Times

There’s no excuse for posting this for ethnic Christmas theme; except that you can make an argument for it as a North African dish, toned down of Mediterranean additions like dates or olives, which I can appreciate and maybe others can too; though I will probably be opposed on that. Dates and olives are fine; I am generally in the minority of removing fruit from the dish whatever it is — I’m just peculiar that way.

So imagine this with olives and dates in it and it could also be ethnic.

(Okay, I will quit being funny about my posts now. Most of the posts will be ethnic. Others will not be. Sorry for the levity.)


Lemon-Rosemary-Garlic Chicken and Potatoes | The Yellow Pine Times

Christmas Pizza Menu | Better Homes & Gardens

So. Based on yesterday’s posts, I am going to extend Chinese Christmas to include also more ethnic dishes besides Asian/Chinese, beginning with Italian Pizza Christmas, like what is the page of this link here.

It is just an addition I thought of in order to give my blog some more topic during the month of December and early January. Also because, I’m not sure if I will actually never post anything but ethnic recipe re-blogs. So for that matter, if I do end up posting a recipe or recipes which is (are) in the mainstream of ordinary and well-known fare, it won’t stand out too much; like pot roast and stew: I don’t think I can go on that many weeks without posting any pot roast or stews.

But this also let’s me add again that my other WordPress Blog, BIA (Brut Imperial Antarctica) — you can just search it in the WordPress Reader in your account — will have posts of continued general recipe re-blogs, that have no real direction or any intention besides food & recipes daily or weekly.


Pizza Pizzaz Salad

Christmas Pizza Menu | Better Homes & Gardens