Twice-Fried Crispy Chicken Wings With Sweet, Spicy & Sticky Sauce – Food Republic

And for those who cannot realize an appetizer plate without chicken wings:


Twice-Fried Crispy Chicken Wings With Sweet, Spicy & Sticky Sauce – Food Republic


Barbecued Turkey Wings And Drums Chinese-style by mystic75 at

This recipe looked so good. I was in the mood for turkey parts somewhere in the December menu list and I also wanted something slanting a little Asian. And I found this recipe, but there’s no picture.

Barbecued Turkey Wings And Drums Chinese-style by mystic75 at

BBQ Turkey Wings (2nd link) with directions complete

(If you don’t want to click through to the directions on the first link, use the second link.)

This is a picture of Hot Sauce and Brown Sugar Turkey Wings, link here:

Delicious Turkey Wings | Recipezazz

And one last try to convince everyone how wonderful turkey parts prepped some delicious way can be; link here:

Slow Cooker Asian Turkey Wings | Food & Wine

Naga Pork Curry / Naga Style Pork / Naga Pork Recipe

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Let’s learn today a traditional and authentic Naga style pork recipe. An easy and simple recipe which anyone can master it with the right ingredients in hand.

Pork is one of the intregal part in the life of the Nagas. No festival or occasion is complete without pork dishes. This is an authentic pork dish of Nagaland. It is zero oil dish.

Naga Cuisine uses very limited spices and mostly the dishes are boiled and zero oil dishes. This dish is also prepared using very few ingredients.

This is a delicious and exotic pork curry with amazing aroma and flavor cooked with simple ingredients and simple cooking technique. Enjoy it with piping hot steam rice along with chutneys and boiled vegetables and side dishes. That’s how the Nagas relish their meal. So simple, healthy eating and soulful.

Pork With Bamboo ShootandSmoked Pork Curryare very famous in naga…

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Vitello Tonnato Recipe – Veal Slices with Tuna and Caper Sauce

Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

Vitello Tonnato first began appearing in cook books in the 19th century because Piedmont was allied with Liguria where tuna was canned along the coast.

At this time, also, lemons and capers from Sicily and a variety of olive oils from the rest of Italy started to arrive in Piedmont and the tonnato sauce was born because the tuna was simply another ingredient in this sauce.

With the Piedmontese love of very young meat, like the veal, this dish was just waiting to happen. This is great for entertaining because the sauce can be made a day in advance and the meat can simply be popped in the oven when you get home.

Vitello Tonnato ? Veal With Tuna Sauce and Capers

This is one of the most famous Italian antipasto platter, sometimes served as a more filling course.

Ingredients for the Veal

  • 1.25 kg piece boneless veal topside
  • 1…

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Caponata Recipe – The Best Sicilian Eggplant Appetizer

Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

Caponata is a Sicilian appetizer that is made from eggplant, and since eggplant season is almost over, I decided to share with you Nonna Sara’s recipe. Throughout Sicily, there are countless variations of Caponata, some with octopus, seafood or with pinenuts and raisins, but Nonna’s recipe adds potatoes and bell peppers, which is what I grew up on and is my standard for a delicious Caponata.

My favorite way to eat it is by toasting some ciabatta bread slices and piling some room temperature Caponata on top of each slice.

Let?s dive into the history of this delicious Sicilian Appetizer.

What is Caponata?

Greeks, Normans, Carthaginians, Arabs, Spaniards and the French have dominated Sicily over the centuries, influencing and gradually enriching the local cuisine.

If you add to this mix of cultures the products of the sea, you can easily guess the reason for its unique cuisine.

It is…

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Traditional Sfincione Recipe [Authentic Sicilian Pizza]

Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

Pizza is a widespread food in cuisines across the world. However, in every country, every region and even in every town, what ?pizza? means may vary.

One area may prefer a ticker crust while other opts for thinner. Some places put cheese on before sauce, and others might skip sauce all together.

However, if you are looking for an authentic Sicilian Pizza, then you are looking for Sfincione. Let?s take a look at this delicious, specialty pizza.

History of Sfincione

Various kinds of rustic breads, loaded with topping and typically a tomato-based sauce, were common in Italy out of a need to prepare long-lasting foods that were easy to take from home.

Sicilian pizza was developed to fill the need (and the bellies) of workers for a meal that would fuel them throughout the day. Sfincione started in just such a way.

It was inexpensive, easy to make and…

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Tomato Passata Recipe [Passata di Pomodoro]

Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

Passata di pomodoro is an Italian staple. You have likely heard of it or used it without even knowing! Tomato passata is something any chef should be familiar with, and the history behind it is also worth knowing.

It is indeed part of Italian culture, not merely a kitchen necessity.

What is Tomato Passata?

At its core, tomato passata is simply a tomato puree. However, true passata di pomodoro is a little more complicated than just pureed tomatoes.

There are a few characteristics that define tomato passata and set it apart from basic tomato puree. At first, tomato passata is strained through a sieve to remove the seeds from the puree. This extra step isn?t always present when making a tomato puree.

Also, passata is never cooked but always bottled or used in its uncooked form. Tomato puree, on the other hand, is often cooked before canning or…

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