Filipino-Style Roast Pork Belly with Chile Vinegar recipe |

This method for roasting pork belly simplifies and mimics the effects of traditionally deep-fried lechon kawali, the celebratory Philippine dish with crackling skin and succulent meat.
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Spelled and millet soup with red lentils

(They mean spelt, but google translate doesn’t know any better, so I corrected it in one place. It’s kind of sad when I think that if google translate and desktops with international internet the way we have it arranged now, had been available at any time in the antiquated age — this probably depends that WW2 had never happened of course — Italy would be all English speaking and would have managed to spread itself out as a large power of the world again. But that’s my own peculiar thought. I doubt the advantages are there anymore, so I wouldn’t worry.)


Spelt and millet soup with red lentils

Risotto with lentils and cotechino: an original Christmas recipe

Cotechino is a type of sausage made in Modena primarily. (Comparatively you’re saying it’s an all beef Italian sausage made in New Jersey; so that, Cotechino isn’t a brand.) As small of a country as we are, you know, Modena has us covered and I’m not actually up to date on wherever and however we handle cotechino sales abroad. I know you can get this sausage in Italian grocery stores so the country has ways to make it outside of Modena.

I love the Italian food industry — and Italian industry I guess.


Risotto with lentils and cotechino: an original Christmas recipe

Here is a link from Wikipedia confirming what I’ve said: