Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1 Successor T.50 News, Specs, Photos

(I wish I could say I’m getting this for Christmas.)

(But I can’t say it. The Auto-Drivers Union would take away my license and then I’d have to walk beside it while someone else wheel-drove at a creeping pace into my garage…. You know? They make these cars as miniatures first and that’s how you buy them, as a pre-designed order, then, when they get to you, you just enlarge them in your garage in the auto-enlarger. So it’s not really that big of an expense…. OK! Now I have completed a real post from my Facebook onto my blog and I haven’t even told my Facebook Page about it. I hope that makes everyone happy with why I don’t post too much like I do on Facebook.)

What a nice car.

Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1 Successor T.50 News, Specs, Photos