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Boyfriend Brownies – Averie Cooks


Puff Pastry Reuben Roll Up

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Reubens are one of my favorite sandwiches. What a unique way to make them using Puff Pastry, another favorite of mine. Everything is in there….corned beef, sauerkraut, Baby Swiss Cheese and Thousand Island Dressing all rolled up inside a delicious Puff Pastry. Can it get any better?

Adapted from:




Rinse the sauerkraut really

good with cold water.


Using the back of a spoon, press all

of the water out of the sauerkraut.


Take one thawed Puff Pastry out of the box.


Open it up and lay it flat on

a lightly floured counter.


Using a rolling pin, roll the dough from

one short end toward the other short

end making the dough about 16” long.

Don’t roll it any wider.


Spread Thousand Island Dressing

all over the dough keeping it

about an inch from the edges. 


Sprinkle caraway seeds over the dressing.


Place the rinsed sauerkraut

evenly over the dressing.

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Oven Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms

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These are the best tasting Mushrooms I have ever had! Even better than any that I have had in a restaurant. Oven roasted in the most fabulous mixture of butter, garlic and herbs. If you love mushrooms like me, you have to try this amazing recipe!





Rinse the dirt off of the mushrooms

and pat dry with a paper towel.

Leave them whole if they are a

normal size mushroom. Mine were

gigantic making it necessary to cut them.


Melt the butter in a medium bowl.


Add the rest of the ingredients

except for the mushrooms.


Stir ingredients together.


Add the mushrooms and toss them in the

butter mixture coating them completely.


Spray a cooking sheet with cooking oil.


Pour the mushrooms onto

the pan in a single layer.


Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for

10 minutes. Turn the mushrooms over

and bake another 3-5…

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How to Make Maraschino Cherries – Recipe and History

Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

A Japanese legend tells of a warrior who became so old that he outlived his family. His most precious memory was of playing underneath a cherry tree, but when it died, he was so devastated that he wanted to die too, despite the fact that  a new tree had been planted nearby. That winter, the old warrior begged the tree to blossom once more and vowed that he would take his own life if his wish be granted. It was and the old man committed hara-kiri under the dead tree, his spirit and his blood soaking down to the roots to color, forever, the fruit of the tree. It is said that the tree blooms every year on the old warrior’s birthday.

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Roasted Garlic

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Do you love garlic?  Have you ever tried it roasted? This is a fabulous way to use it in any recipe because you use it just like you would a fresh garlic clove. Roasting garlic gives it a milder and sweeter taste by taking away the harshness of fresh garlic. After roasting, it will keep for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator or do like I do and freeze it in teaspoon size portions for months.

Click on the link below to see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.

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Method for Delicious Skipjack Tuna Fish Fry – Seafood Recipe

FUSION FLAVOUR enriched with Logic: Easy & Healthy Recipes of Delicious Food

With skipjack tuna the frying technique is at a gentle pace:

The skipjack tuna a very important species for fisheries, is a streamlined, fast-swimming, medium-sized, pelagic fish in the tuna family; common in tropical waters throughout the world, it is otherwise known as the balaya, aku, arctic bonito, mushmouth, oceanic bonito, striped tuna, or victor fish.

Fish frying is a technique which varies according to the type of fish, frying dissimilar categories of fish in the same method is not a wise decision, each type of fish does need a different technique of frying; with skipjack tuna the frying method differs when compared to other fishes mainly because its a meaty fish. Fish frying technique chiefly involves regulating the heat while frying the fish, with skipjack tuna the frying technique is at a gentle pace.

The Recipe for Delicious Skipjack Tuna Fish Fry:

Fried Pieces of Skipjack Tuna Fish: Method for Delicious Skipjack Tuna Fish Fry - Seafood Recipe in Fried Pieces of Skipjack Tuna Fish: Method for Delicious Skipjack Tuna Fish Fry – Seafood Recipe in

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Swedish Meatballs

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Cooking Swedish Meatballs in the slow cooker gives them the most delicious flavor! These would be a great dish for any holiday meal, appetizer or potluck, not just because they taste great but because they are so easy to make. I first tasted this Slow Cooker Swedish Meatball recipe at my mother in laws over 25 years ago. I have made them for many different functions and there is never any left.

Click on the link below to see the step by step by directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.

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