46 Easter Casseroles Made in a 13×9 Pan | Taste of Home

I’m sorry I had to put out just one more plate for the Blessed and whoever else was on their way. Also, a friend of mine got angry that I didn’t tell my usual holiday story to everyone on this blog. It isn’t very good. I explain this at every holiday while I’m posting diversified recipes and also some and a little on my FB page too.

But, if I took all the friends that I have that I know that I know of and put them all together in an assembly and invited them all together to eat with me on the holidays, come what may — we wouldn’t have any holidays, because everyone would be debating why anything.

So the discretion is that that is my own business and problem and the disclaimer is that this is what I understand I can do in general.


46 Easter Casseroles Made in a 13×9 Pan | Taste of Home