What Does the Bible Say About Redemption?

Romans 3:24-26 ESV 

And are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in his divine forbearance he had passed over former sins. It was to show his righteousness at the present time, so that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

What Does the Bible Say About Redemption?


As we are looking forward the end of the Easter Season with the Orthodox celebration of Easter Sunday, I thought I would include a page of verses about redemption. I understand only a little that the difference of the Orthodoxy with the dating of the Easter Holiday has to do with the difference of the Lenten Season, as it should. But Redemption and Salvation by the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, remains to be the same lesson in either case.

This week on CPR I am continuing on with Easter food for that same reason of the continued week worldwide, however, I would like my passers-by to know that I generally extend the holiday fare after the week of the day of the holiday anyway for global and universal importance of whatever kind.





Drink Your Tree Instead: 12 Pine Drinks You Need to Try this Winter

By myself I am not much into alcohol culture and social centering, but I can’t say that that’s always been my experiences with other well-meaning people; probably things I should keep to myself, however, how else would a dry person like me explain my understanding of some alcoholic things? Well, also, my family was involved with alcoholic trades, so that might be why, but there’s no proving that now either…. Well, moving on.

I was interested in trying to understand why gin might be good in lamb. I guess I’m clueless regardless of experience and (I don’t cook at all, just read recipes almost every day of my life); this is from the article just below this.

So I know that there is a pine nut based alcohol which is also used for cooking, that I can’t speak about, having no kitchen experience, and I wanted to look for it, but honestly, I couldn’t find it.

I found these drink suggestions interesting and since, I know I have a dedicated history of disappointing people with my recipe/menu suggestions for having no drink suggestions (I really couldn’t botch people’s culinary experiences that badly), I try every once in a while to feature some alcoholic reference to just to inspire some hope in persons that I understand that this a world which contains alcohol. Yes, I understand.


Drink Your Tree Instead: 12 Pine Drinks You Need to Try this Winter

Baked Lamb Recipe with Potatoes – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

(I don’t know that Juniper Berries are easy to find or easy to use in the US and other than the small rustic country of Italy, so I have included a short article about the difficulty of using Juniper Berries, here:

Juniper Berries Substitutes – Spiceography

This website sells Juniper Berries online if you HAVE to try them.

Myself I like to replace all things Italian and rustic with sweet pine nuts, called pinoli, but that’s kind of cheap show and might not work for everyone, it gives a real minty taste that I don’t otherwise care about.

Savory Spice Shop – find & buy Juniper Berries online!)

Baked Lamb Recipe with Potatoes – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

Stuffed turkey rolls – Meat

(There is an error on the page that has nothing to do with translations. The title says turkey rolls and the picture looks like turkey breast rolls, but the recipe itself calls for veal steaks — and I’m thinking they made an error in showing that it could probably be made either way, except that, they didn’t explain how to prepare or cut or pound out the turkey breast meat. So, for accomplished cooks only I guess. And then of course, in the directions, they refer back to turkey rolls.  Veal is vitella in Italian and tacchino is turkey.)


Stuffed turkey rolls – Meat

Sea bass with new potatoes – Fish

(The aromatics on this dish are really meant for Sea Bass and probably aren’t going to work out for another kind of fish, because they will be too heavy or too light because Sea Bass really has its own kind of greasy skin that is difficult to reduplicate in another whole fish. Country home cuisine in Italy is very adapted to a specific topic of a type of a product, like a sea bass fish and not a fish, and not really that general as you’d think.)


Sea bass with new potatoes – Fish