Specialty Pizza Menu: Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Deep Dish & More | Fresh Brothers

Just for fun.


Specialty Pizza Menu: Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Deep Dish & More | Fresh Brothers


White Potato Pie – Gastro Obscura

If Atlas Obscura and Gastro Obscura keep listing recipes of things delicious without recipes, I am going to have to keep going out and trying to find whatever those recipes might actually be!

Well okay, I found a good page and the link for it beneath the link for this primary source article.


White Potato Pie – Gastro Obscura


Maryland White Potato Pie: A Collection of Recipes

How to Make Your Own Marinade

The article below is from The Spruce Eats! But I am referring it back to the Pulled Chicken Barb article below this one. I am beside myself there is no recipe with it. Of course not, that isn’t what I meant to say I guess. Why would a restaurant give out their prize work? No, that’s not right and I’m sorry. So I tried to guess it! Never having had it. It looks pretty delicious if you like sandwiches that take somebody a long time to make and under 15 minutes to finish off.

I was thinking it had to be marinated for the specialty of the seasonings. And so I looked up marinade. (I’m no kind of cook or chef of an imaginable kind. But it should seem obvious I love food.)

This article on Spruce Eats says oil, vinegar and salt, other places add lemon juice or papapin? (pineapple acid) — I wouldn’t know where people get that if it’s common or not. But an acidic citrus juice. I don’t like citrus juice too much and I’d guess the article would say, “citrusy” and it doesn’t, so I’m thinking instead: marinated in oil, vinegar (who knows what kind of oil and vinegar) and salt (who knows what kind) and poultry seasonings. Hence the article above about Poultry Seasonings by Genius Kitchen.

But it says: sage, thyme, marjoram, ground rosemary, nutmeg and black pepper. None of that could be true, delicious as it might sound because, the color would show, or would it, that I’m not entirely sure. But of course, chefs do have a way to disguise color, like for instance, white pepper.

Anyway, that is my combine on the possible quiz topic that bothered me for a whole half hour this afternoon, even though, I know it wasn’t any kind of quiz.


How to Make Your Own Marinade