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Alright and a little memory to Mammon then and that’s all for me then.

(My boyfriend and I frequently have this debate and had to bury an almost literal gauntlet between us. That there might be persons of faith who practice the Pasqual table exercises by the institution of implicating the feasts of pigs, quite literally on the Fridays of the reduction order; he says I have been brainwashed and misled and I’m quite sure I have not been. Anyway, we offended each other so badly that, we don’t celebrate in this season EVER together. We are both in the Catholic origin. Isn’t that funny? It is the most pleasant sanctimony EVER that is the Grace of God for every man to discover whatever his particular orders were in the cross orders of murdering that man for a day-old Caesar and murdering Caesar with him somehow and for murdering and for quoting the free will for murder and so on. It is a blessed sanctimony and an act of spiritual grace towards everyone and we destroy this blessed natural freedom by making it the basis for an intellectual war instead of defending our own intellectual faith in God. I have no respect for it. So truly, Blessed are the Meek, but Mammon agreed with that.)


85 Slow Cooker Recipes for an Easy Easter | Taste of Home


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I get what everyone might be thinking, but also, this is what I was trying to respond. So I will leave it unexplained to the revelation of the holiday some day or never. There is no point for me. The Pizza has to be on the table for Mammon and Easter …. sorry, and Passover generally! (Sorry! Not Sorry, so on and so forth.) Well Moses sets out that you have to look out for yourself and be responsible. So good. (I am not joking.)


16 Copycat Pizza Recipes Better Than Your Local Pizza Joint | Taste of Home

Pastiera Recipe (Ricotta and Cooked Grains Cake)

(The Passover in Italy is about Mammon. I try to say that time to time on my FB page so I understand it sounds ridiculous here the way I’ve said it without more to say, but, so I try this so often, there is just no point. So as far as if you were going to use this cake in a Passover the farina would be okay. I understand that is not going to work in Israel — but then again, nobody I talk to believes that Roman Catholics (which I am not even anymore) are half-Jews according to my poorly told story. (No one will visit my page again. I take this risk all the time. I have nothing to elaborate really. It’s just the way it is; I know this. Italy is a dying nation. I always say that.)

Anyway, I read that Kamut is acceptable flour alternative? Is that right? I have heard that from Italian chefs before. They use something called Kamut when for any reason we might have it is without leaven. We have some Jewish standards we observe in Catholic service in Italy throughout the year — this is account of the biblical being biblical to all faith. I don’t believe in testamentary segregation myself, so by practice and origin and finally belief, I still seem to be half-and-half. Fine, maybe someday there will be a religion called that. I will not begin it.

All the same, I hate that somebody would take the Mammon Passover (which isn’t the official name now since the 19th century I believe) ideas out of their menu just because of flour. (I have read all of the Bible extremely well but I understand the laws to mean what is directly important for the person of faith in directions of their ancient past and mine was pagan, so I can’t answer to the lacking flour of literally all the Israel prophets in the times of famine, as Jews believe they do and should continue to exercise their faith therefor. For me, Christ redeemed faith from these ideals, but what do I know? I still mourn for whatever pagans never tasted Christ’s blood in the ancient world, they could not be redeemed by Judaism anymore.

Can we go on? Typically for myself, this is about food. And even when there is no food, by right of faith, it is STILL about food nothing else.

So Kamut. Possibly. I’m out of suggestions.

I have a few other recipes of this that should list above.


Pastiera Recipe (Ricotta and Cooked Grains Cake)

Grano Cotto Cooked Wheat Grain Per Pastiera Jar

Oh yes, this is it! How could I forget? Good heavens, I’ve forgotten why I ever got this far in life in the first place! Pre-cooked wheat by Italian definition! Well, I think this was the actual brand too. Don’t know why I can’t remember things like this, I guess, you have to forget things you just don’t have a reason to remember in your life anymore.

This isn’t cream of wheat, no. That’s right. OMG, please don’t let me have ruined everyone’s tart. Let the disclaimers reign loudly! But so, I don’t think that anything else will work. Although, I do know of gourmets who can make anything work, so I don’t want to discredit that I know of persons who could make my absurd suggestion work and in that case, I would have to say, I’ve tried it that way and it was redressed with a great deal of curdled milk, and it was great, but no, to be ruined if you can’t hack it on your own.

In which case of all this mix-up all my own, I have also posted a few ordinary takes on the original above. Yes, let that be true.

Well I can say it again!

Buon Pasqua a Tutti!!!!!


Grano Cotto Cooked Wheat Grain Per Pastiera Jar

How to make a Neapolitan pastiera: original recipe and valuable tips!

I’m a little disgraced. The translation says “precooked wheat” as the first ingredient. I’m sort of sorry to say that I can’t remember if that would mean “precooked semolina flour”, you know, like cream of wheat, or just farina, like farina soup, similarly. I am going to do a short work on researching what it might mean, but even if I don’t return with an answer, I do remember, this is a delightful treat, if you know what they are talking about. If it is cream of wheat semolina I am remembering, it is about as light as farina in this dish.


How to make a Neapolitan pastiera: original recipe and valuable tips!