Delmonico Potatoes – The Midnight Baker

A great vegetarian dish for everyone!



Delmonico Potatoes – The Midnight Baker


Easy and Healthy Summer Meal Prep with Mung Beans and Chicken Meat

I didn’t want to click through to a single chicken recipe, because I thought all three looked pretty good, filling and tasty.

FUSION FLAVOUR enriched with Logic: Easy & Healthy Recipes of Delicious Food

An easy summer meal recipe which does not compromise on health and taste: 

Summer season is the time of the year, one resist spending too much time in the kitchen as the heat generated during cooking food is often unbearable – this situation calls for easy recipes which requires less time and effort; this summer meal prep is built using the concept of ‘ease’ and has all the important elements for a nutritious meal.

In this summer meal prep, the flavorful veg whole mung beans curry or soup is for saucing the rice or  bread; mung beans is considered a summer food for its cooling property. For preparing mung beans curry/soup, the dried green mung beans is soaked  in water for approximate 24 hours to sprout – mung beans are good source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber and sprouted mung beans contain fewer calories to have more antioxidants and amino…

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Spinach-Ricotta Manicotti

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Sometimes my mind works in very strange ways. Take Rome and the Vatican for example. We eat a lot of Italian inspired suppers during Lent because meatless pastas are so darn easy, their seafood dishes are swimming in awesomeness and everything is super delicious. So, is the Vatican in the heart of Rome for the food, or is Italian meatless dishes so doggone good because of all those Catholic Cooks in Italy? I know, it’s a silly thought. The Vatican’s location has nothing to do with the food, but just maybe all those Catholics puttering about in the kitchen has something to do with the food. Just saying . . .

Anyway, a while back I made a Spinach Lasagna for our Friday supper. I knew Hubby would greet the dish wish lukewarm enthusiasm. He is not a fan of spinach anything. To him, spinach should be an after thought…

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Folate-Rich Delicious Raw Beetroot Salad

FUSION FLAVOUR enriched with Logic: Easy & Healthy Recipes of Delicious Food

A delicious raw salad recipe to maintain good health:

I suppose, no raw vegetable can beat beetroot in its nutrition content of folate in a salad recipe; this deep purple taproot is an interesting food for preparing salads – in this recipe of raw beetroot salad I just melded the beetroot mince with a tasty food paste/sauce and the salad turned out awesome for the taste buds; and with its fair content of dietary fiber in its nutrient capacity, certainly this raw beetroot salad recipe is a delicious formula for maintaining good health.

The Recipe of Folate-Rich Delicious Raw Beetroot Salad:

Raw Beetroot Salad: Folate-Rich Delicious Raw Beetroot Salad Recipe in Raw Beetroot Salad: Folate-Rich Delicious Raw Beetroot Salad Recipe in

Quantity of root vegetable: a medium beetroot

  • Sprinkle the raw beetroot mince with a pinch of salt and blend it with a tbsp. full of  veg mayonnaise

Serving size: approx. 2

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