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So. Based on yesterday’s posts, I am going to extend Chinese Christmas to include also more ethnic dishes besides Asian/Chinese, beginning with Italian Pizza Christmas, like what is the page of this link here.

It is just an addition I thought of in order to give my blog some more topic during the month of December and early January. Also because, I’m not sure if I will actually never post anything but ethnic recipe re-blogs. So for that matter, if I do end up posting a recipe or recipes which is (are) in the mainstream of ordinary and well-known fare, it won’t stand out too much; like pot roast and stew: I don’t think I can go on that many weeks without posting any pot roast or stews.

But this also let’s me add again that my other WordPress Blog, BIA (Brut Imperial Antarctica) — you can just search it in the WordPress Reader in your account — will have posts of continued general recipe re-blogs, that have no real direction or any intention besides food & recipes daily or weekly.


Pizza Pizzaz Salad

Christmas Pizza Menu | Better Homes & Gardens